Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our Mini Shopping Spree

Been off the radar a few days.
Trying to get my Christmas items down
before Valentines comes. LOL
Now its in one big pile ready for Bob to take up in the attic.
So glad he is patient and will do this for me...
Seems like the piles never end.
So I took the day off Friday for a clinic appt.
Bob went with me.
The bank I work for is having all of the employees take a wellness test
at different clinics in the area.
If I choose not to take the test,
then they will raise my health insurance $500.00 more per year.
I opted to take the test...
which was not good...
I knew my blood pressure was a bit high on Friday when I went
but this is what it was the first time.
165/ 112 (extremely high)
Then the nurse took it again.
158/ 110 (still not good)
Then she had me do some breathing exercises.
It went down to 145/ 109
which is still not good.
Finally after 10 minutes
she took it once again.
Back up to 165/ 109.
Now I have to make a real appt to visit my doctor.
Wish me luck.
So after that we went shopping for a new bedspread.
Something prim for our bed.
We found this 

A nice simple soft tan one...
which got Peeps approval once I put it on the bed.
Then I added these feedsacks as pillows.
Love the patches on these.
But not sure if they need to be aged or not.
They are very soft to sleep on..not picky at all.
Also added one my quilts to the bottom.
Folded it on the blue stripe tick side...
very old and aged.
So Ace wants to know.
Should I stain these pillowcases or leave them as they are.
What do you think?
Cozy Blessings To All!


  1. Good afternoon Janice, perhaps you have what is referred to as "White Coat" syndrome, where in the company of the medical field your blood pressure increases. Take your blood pressure at home daily and keep a log. You never know...Love the pretty kitty faces, and Ace I would stain the pillowcases...Blessings, Julie.

  2. Hi Janice, Sorry to hear about your BP. Hope you get on the right BP medicine soon and all will be well. Mr.P's company has had to go thru all that also. They all had to stop smoking, chewing, dipping, etc or theirs would go up also. If they signed that they would stop they would be tested randomly for it. Jamie chewed and he did stop. He found some kind of natural snuff like stuff to dip. He was tested a few weeks back and he was clean so guess that stuff takes the place. One guy had agreed to quit so his ins. would not increase, yet he kept smoking and he failed the test and lost his job.
    Love your new spread, I think I would stain the pillowcases. Just my preference. They look good either way. Looks like Peeps and Ace both are enjoying the new bedding. Have a great week

  3. Oh Janice, your blood pressure is to high, hope all is well with.......Love your new bedding, I am big fan of staining, the older looking the better with me.......What sweet Kitty's, Blessings Francine.

  4. Janice I hope you get your blood pressure under control! Love your new bedspread. Where did you find it? Ace & Peeps are so cute!

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  7. Janice,

    This is a good thing, now you can do to the doc and get on some meds to help keep it under control! Love the new bed spread! OLM

  8. Thank God you went to that appointment Janice!!!! We check blood pressures all the time and you would not believe how many people are in denial. We won't treat them until they get a release from thier PCP.
    Adore the cats!!!!

  9. It was a good thing to get your blood pressure checked. Now you can get it under control. Your sweet kitties sure like your new bedding, as do I.

  10. Janice sorry to hear about your blood pressure issues,I have been struggling with it since I was 19 years old.Love the new spread and I think the kitties have given it the seal of approval.I think I would stain the cases,looks good now though.Hugs,Jen

  11. Janice ~ wishing you much luck getting that nasty blood pressure under control. Adorable kitties! Love your primed up bed! Go for the stain!!!
    Prim Blessings

  12. Morning Friend
    I love it just like it is.
    Woolie Hugs & Prayers to you

  13. Bummer about the BP....but good thing you're taking care of it...Unfortunately, mine can run that high and I'm already on 2 meds for it. (Guess I'm just wired a bit too tightly....) ;o

    As for the staining or no....while I'm usually a big fan of prim and the aging that goes with it, these I would actually leave as is....In a bedroom, I like the crispness and freshness - especially with the blue ticking and patches.... Just my 2 cents....take it or leave it. (Most leave it...) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  14. Oh Janice I hope you are ok!! Sounds like a good thing you got tested!! Sayin a pray for you!! I would probably stain them!! Maybe you could start out light and see how it goes. I love the pic of the river you showed!! I know that river!! It is so beautiful!! It's so funny too how Canada is right over the other side!!! Pleez take care of yourself!! XOXO Love Fran.


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