Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sunday Starts

Happy Sunday.
You know what that means.
Check out what I am working on now.

First up is 
Laura Vorgensen 1853.
My parents were married in a church on the hill.
This is why I chose this sampler.
I want to add their names,
the church name and that date they were married.
The church was built in 1854.
My parents were married in 1955.
I still need to finish my great grandfathers one,
but when I mentioned this one to my mom
she was really excited when she saw the pattern.

When I started this,
it began with changing up floss colors.
The letters A and B were to be white.
You could not see them.
I dont mind some ghosting, but not at the beginning.
When I got to the letter E, again not a fan.

As you can see I changed the 
E and F to a lighter shade of blue.
Now am not so sure about these colors either.
I do not want a majority all blue sampler again.
Which version do you like?

Next up is Blueskin.
This was one of George Washington's two horses,
he used in the Revolutionary War.
Blueskin was actually a a blue roan which
looked gray except in the Winter
where his coat turned white.
He is the horse often seen in portraits
of George Washington. 
His other horse was Nelson.

I was able to stitch one branch
of the cherry tree.
Am loving the colors thus far.
Once I finish this one 
will work on Nelson at some point.
Stitching this on 28ct Vellum.

I decided I wanted to do a small stitch
before July 4th comes along
and make this into a pillow.
I wanted something for July 4th since I knew
Patriotic Pinwheel Parade would not get finished. 

This one is Old Glory 
by Little House Needleworks.

I have gotten this far.
Lauren said I must be a fast stitcher...
Well guess that gets me in trouble. LOL
I stitched the flag in red, green and blue. GRR
Yep pulled out a light green and did not
realize it until I was completely done.
Spent an hour frogging and re-stitching
in white like it is suppose to be. 
None of the colors I chose were the called for.
Just trying to use up my stash.
The linen was leftover from my one
stich I did for my Maternal grandparents and
great grandparents.
I forgot the color but it was a 36 ct.
If all goes right I should have this one finished soon.
Not counting my chickens though....

In other news,
Friday night was the fireworks that the First Nation
folks on Walpole Island put on the first
night of Summer each year.
We could walk to our dock and see them,
if it were not for the mosquitos.
We usually drive to a parking lot
which is a hop skip and jump from us 
with an awesome view.
Well a thunderstorm came in on our side  of the river.
We thought for sure they would cancel
them since it was directly across  
the river from us.
Well we went to bed at 10:00pm.
10"05 we heard them go off.
By the time we would have gotten re-dressed
and drove over there it would have been done.
It seems the storm was just on our side of the river.
Go figure.

Bad storms hit our state once again last week.
This time the entire street my niece lives on
was affected.
Trees and wires down everywhere.
Fortunately for my niece,
the big tree in her yard fell across her driveway.
Others were not so lucky.
Cars and houses were badly damaged.
They declared a state of emergency for her city.

Well off to make French toast and breakfast sausage
for Bob and I.

Hope everyone is staying safe.

Sunday Start Blessings To All!


  1. I love the stitches you're working on. I'm not sure which version of the first one I like best, I've been going back and forth! I'm leaning to the first, but I know it'll look good regardless.
    I think we are finally cooling off over here. We had a lot of rain last evening, but it wasn't a wild storm.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. I agree with Lauren, I also think you're a fast stitcher. You'll soon need to find more wall space or make more pillows, lol.

  3. I can’t believe how much stitching you’re able to accomplish! I agree I like the blue better. You have an eye for it. It will come out just right! So sorry to hear about the storms – they can be very scary, coming up suddenly, and you just never know what damage they will leave. This week has been horribly hot here mid 90s and it’s miserable. Praying for rain and cooler temperatures. Breakfast sounds fabulous!.

  4. I just love how you make the samplers "yours" by adding family names and dates. Old Glory will be a very sweet finish.
    Storms...sorry for all the damage to your niece's town, but how I wish we would get some rain. I think we got just enough this morning to only wet everything but not enough to do any good, sad to say. Grass is way too brown for this early in the summer.

  5. Both your cross stitch patterns are so lovely and I love them equally. I agree, you are a quick stitcher, like the other said.

    It's been so hot here this past week and today, it's been raining non stop all day and more rain tomorrow. I've spent hours watering the gardens at home and at the farm. Today, I can finally relax.
    Wind storm can be so scary. I'm glad that you were spared and that your daughter's house was also spared damage. Sorry about her tree, though.
    Take care, hugs.

  6. I love all these stitches Janice! But, gotta say, that first one is my favorite. You find great designs...and some great linen choices! I always regret my linen choices after it's too late. I used to gravitate toward the creamy yellow browns but now am liking the cooler gray tones and that is mostly what I see in yours. I'm not sure about the floss switch ups on Laura...I actually like both. For the record, though, I don't think the letters are ghosted at all in the original floss choices you showed. Sad to read of the damage in your niece's town. We've had storms too - but not quite as bad as the one a couple of weeks ago. Just a lot of rain. So wish I could share with those who need it. Will be sending a message regarding the designs on my blogpost. ~Robin~

  7. I enjoy seeing your stitching projects. I think the letters are too light on that first one-a darker green or other color if you don't want the blue? I love these projects you have chosen
    sorry about missing the fireworks. no storms here as of yet-still very hot and humid so pretty much stick indoors still
    Have a good new week

  8. That is nice you can change it to fit your parents wedding date.
    you have a lot of stitching ahead of you.
    We have had bad weather since Friday but today was tornado warnings.

  9. I was thinking just as Lauren did -- fast stitcher! Yes, loads of rain these past days. Maybe it'll give it a bit of a rest. (Love the George Washington piece!)

  10. Hi.. sending prayers for those in the line of the storm. We have been having several storms too.

    I love all the stitching.

  11. Just stopping by for a quick hello! I'm behind in visiting and also in blogging and will hopefully get a post out soon. I do love all your stitching and I love the George Washington one! I saw a previous post and that Halloween sampler is awesome! Have a good week and I hope your weather has improved. Ours was also hot and humid but no rain until this past week. We really need it!


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