Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Oh Mother Nature

My last post stated
More Winter
Less Snow.

Oh Mother Nature...
guess you did not read my post.
I forgot we typically now get most of our snow
between the end of January and February.
This was my view out our back window
on Monday morning.
It had snowed all day on Sunday.
I only had 2 customers all day.
I must admit it did give me the chance to 
finish my taxes and order half of my Christmas.
If I was a shopper, I would have stayed home too.
It was a pretty snow though with it sticking to everything.

But now I have the blues.
More snow on the way.
In fact it is already snowing. UGH
So I decided to take pics of some of my own blues.
Pantry boxes on top of kitchen cabinet.

Enamelware milk jug.

Enamel cup and berry bucket.

Cake crock


Do you ever get tired of Mother Nature?

No More Snow Blessings To All!


  1. I wanted more snow but I did not mean every other day. That seems to be what is happening right now. Snow coming in this after noon we got 14 inches Monday.

  2. Yeah, Cathy, be careful what you wish for. Janice, I'm all for less also.

  3. I don't start to think winter is over until after the state basketball tournaments are over with in March, no matter what weather we've had until then.
    You have some lovely blue items. Was the cake crock used to bake cakes or was it for storage only? Or is it called that due to the shape?

  4. Your Blue enamelwares are beautiful I never heard of cake crocks. I also wondered if the cake crock was used to bake the cake of just to keep it fresh?

    We now have lots of snow but it looks so beautiful with all the sparkles in the sun. More of the white stuff on the way for Thursday. Maybe I should buy myself a pair of snowshoes.

    Take heart, it will be spring before you know it. I saw a display of seeds in our Co-op yesterday.
    I don't like tax time either.

    Take care, hugs.

  5. I love that enamel mug - it looks like aqua my favorite color.
    Sorry for the snow.
    We get it in the form of rain and yes, it is raining again.

  6. I always comment that we get the worst weather in the shortest month of February but after a very mild beginning of January we're getting hit with snow at the end of this long month! I don't mind the snow I just wish we'd get some sunshine along with it as it's been very grey and dreary! I try to focus on Spring and I know that soon we'll be planting and mowing! Hang in there and enjoy those lovely blue items!

  7. Congrats on already having your taxes done!!! That is major.

  8. I LOVE BLUE. Your berry bucket is so sweet, that is my favorite.
    I am starting to get Spring Fever, gulp... it may be too early to get it. Hee Hee!

  9. I also love your blues; perfect for this time of year. February is definitely a winter month for us. Thankfully, it is the shortest month of the year.

  10. We're due for 3-6" here. It has a long way to go to get to six at its present pace. I heard Detroit area was in for the brunt of this front. Good luck -- I know you're far enough north of that but hope it's not too bad.

  11. Oh blue is my favorite what you've switched up with! Just right for the snowy days. More single digits coming next week...keep warm!

  12. I have never seen a cake crock! That is so neat, I love yours. We got nasty winds a couple days ago and it melted all our snow. Still cold though. Spring cannot come soon enough! I miss the leaves on the trees. Only thing I don't miss is the gnats and mosquitos.... but in winter we get stink bugs and wood roaches inside. Ick.

  13. I'm catching up on reading...I see a theme!


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