Saturday, January 21, 2023

More Winter Less Snow

Happy Saturday my friends!
Hope everyone will enjoy their weekend

Today's post are more Winter pics.
This time of our guest room.
My mom spent a few days with us last weekend.
In her younger days she would decorate for
all of the holidays....where I get the decorating bug.
I thought it would be a nice touch to add 
a few displays for her in this bedroom.

These red mitts were my dad's.

My mom gifted me this snowman back in the 80's.

Love my bunnies!

Changed up the brown quilt for this blue one.

In other news, 
  before I open the gift store,
I need to finish up my tax paperwork.
I hate this time of year.

I also have to check in more inventory
that came in yesterday.
More Spring decor.

While my mom was here.
she helped me with my Vintage Christmas theme.
It was fun reminiscing how she decorated
for Christmas when I was a kid.
We even laughed at some stories she brought up.
I wrote many ideas down so as not to forget.

Less Snow Blessings To All!


  1. What a love time you had with your mom, those you will cherish forever. I'm not fond of tax time either and don't have your added responsibilities of business taxes. Enjoyed your guest room pics.

  2. I love that you have such personal, heartfelt touches to your decorating...the mittens, a gifted snowman. Those things make all the difference and will surely bring a sweet memory every time you walk by them. Agreed: HATE the idea of doing taxes (for a business it must be doubly bad) and LOVE that blue/white quilt at the foot of the bed. I've always wanted a blue/white bear's paw've got me itching to look for one again!

  3. Like mother, like daughter on the seasonal decor. It looks beautiful. I love the blue and white quilt and the garland reminds me of my mother decorating around the picture of the Virgin Mary during the month of May. Lucky you to still have your mother around.
    When I was young, we only decorated the Christmas tree and nothing and no seasonal decor. Life was very simple with no frills.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Hi, I love the winter decorations. :-) I am so excited to learn more about your vintage Christmas theme. I have a feeling it will take so many of us down memory lane. Do share your mom's reflections.
    xx oo
    Love, Carla

  5. I like your decorations and the memories of your mother - I have some too. I agree tax season -YUCK!

  6. lovely as always and so nice you wrote down your mom's stories she remembered. We got some snow and more coming.

  7. I am sure your mom enjoyed her sleepover with touches of prims here and there. Yes, it is definitely a good idea to write down things so they don't get lost in this mad world we live in.

  8. Oh why did you go and mention taxes! Your place is so cute. I love all the primitives.

  9. I bet your Mom loves spending time with you and that room looks so cozy and fun! I love all the winter things that brighten up this time of year. I'm thinking of putting out my Valentine things. I know it's a bit early but a little red color never hurts! I'm glad you wrote down all your Mom's memories and enjoyed the visit. I miss my Mom and would love to have just a few more minutes with her. Have a good rest of the weekend!

  10. Old stories are the best. I sure wish I had my granny and other family around, I do miss their stories! Ugh taxes, they are the worst. As always, your home is so lovely with winter in mind. :)

  11. Very pretty & fun , fond memories shared with your Mom !!!

  12. Time spent with your Mom is pricelesss! Lovely blue quilt!

  13. I think anyone being a guest in your home would be delighted with the accommodations!

  14. What a welcoming room and bed for anyone! Your mom must love it. That blue quilt is gorgeous!!! Love the bunnies with the greens too. So simply perfect! ~Robin~


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