Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Final One

Good morning friends!
Today is my final patriotic display.

When I spotted this scarf in the store,
I knew exactly what I would do with it.
Even though it is really a ladies one....

I knew it would be a perfect fit for my horse.

Don't you think?

Thinking outside the box with this one.

Underneath on the table is one of my
prized coverlets.

An 1800 tri colored one.
The colors are very vibrant in this one.
The owner(s) really took care of this beauty.

A partial side view.

The day I took these pics it was an overcast one.
This pic was without my light on.

In other news.
Only 9 more days until I start my Halloween room.
Every day this week still have been 
checking in Halloween inventory.
I told Bob last night that I may have outdid
myself this year and have no clue how I will
beat next year's display.
He said "honey you will figure it out"
I sure hope I do.

I have so much Halloween and Christmas
inventory now, that I actually
added all of my Autumn goods into the store.
Thank you Sandy for your purchases last week.
Bob and I both enjoyed your visit.
I did add more in this week....
plus there still are some hid somewhere
in our storage room.
Will find it when I take out the Halloween.

Saturday is my grandson's graduation party.
He will be off to college in the Fall.
He is going to a local one 
so he can continue to work nights.

My mom will be coming down and spending
a few days with us, so that will be nice too!

Bob and I also celebrated our anniversary Monday.
We went out for an early dinner since he tires easily.
It was nice going to our fav Italian eatery.

Well off to work.
Hope everyone enjoys their final
weekend of July.

The Final One Blessings To All!


  1. Good for you getting your stock in early. I manage a used bookstore and we have been very careful of our ordering this year. the sales are just not up to last year.
    Happy anniversary!

    1. Well I still am waiting for some Autumn/Halloween items to come in still. Hope they make it, but for the most part I have almost everything in. Our sales for July were down a bit, but not much which is good I think. Janice

  2. A woman's scarf ? I'm surprised. It makes a wonderful display. I love Italian food and could eat it every day of the week but won't because I'd be as big as a house.

    1. Yep it is a scarf. Everything I eat makes me look like a house. LOL Janice

  3. Your display looks wonderful as usual. I'm sure you will have another successful Halloween season at your store. You always put in 100% efforts in whatever you do.

    Enjoy your mom's visit and Happy Anniversary. I love Italian food too.


    1. Thanks Julia! Looking forward to Halloween. Cannot wait. Janice

  4. LOVE your horse vignette!
    Happy anniversary. May you and Bob be blessed with many, many more!!!

    1. Thanks Lauren. We celebrate Bob's birthday this week now too. Janice

  5. I love the RED, WHITE and Blue so I have enjoyed all the July displays.
    I am so excited to see your Halloween. :-)

    Happy Anniversary!! Congratulations!!! Marriage is not easy so each anniversary is a true celebration.
    xx oo

    1. Thanks Carla! We have the best colors for patriotic decorating. Janice

  6. OOPS.. I see I did not say BLUE in caps.. hee hee! I do love the RED, WHITE and BLUE! That is better. ;-)

  7. A scarf? Who would ever's perfect! Congrats on your anniversary and Oooooh Halloween, can't wait to see what you do, it'll be great! Have a good weekend, Mary

    1. Yep a scarf. Cannot wait for Halloween myself since I have prepared for this now for about 6 months. Finally coming to fruition soon. Janice

  8. That scarf in all its drapey beauty. I love it. And, your prized coverlet too. I have so enjoyed your patriotic displays!

    1. Thanks a bunch! Enjoyed decorating this July too! Janice

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and Bob. Love all of your displays Janice. The horse is amazing. Have a great weekend!!

  10. Happy Anniversary and I love all your patriotic displays. However, I'm excited for the Halloween decor! I was talking about Halloween today and my hubby was quick to point out that it's still July! Ha! Have a nice weekend!

    1. New witch items too, which I know you will love! Janice

  11. Wonderful display as always. Blessed anniversary wishes and many more. The store looked great so many treasures to find and thank you for the gift. I love it. Congratulations on grandson's graduation. Time goes by so fast. I enjoyed my visit with you and Bob, who wouldn't you are both fun to talk to. Can't wait to see what you have planned for Halloween.

    1. Thanks again Sandy. We should go to dinner one night with you and your hubby. I had more Halloween come in last week and more Autumn coming in this week. Cannot wait to set up for Halloween. Counting the days now! Janice

    2. Dinner would be fun,cant wait to see Halloween ideas


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