Saturday, July 16, 2022

July CupboardScape


There are those who want to
cancel George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
Taking down statues of these brave men.
What is our country coming to?
How many July 4th's will we be able to celebrate
before we become a socialist country?

It's so sad to think we are going down this path...
but I see it every day.

I had intended this post to be my July 4th one.
As most of you know, Bob was in the hospital that day.
Therefore am posting now.

I was selling these Pledge of Allegiance signs
in our gift shop.
What I loved most about them was that
 they were American made.
I think I may have two left. They were a hit.

My theme for this July CupboardScape
of course is to celebrate the colors
of our flag.

Reds, White and Blues.

I purchased this twig square vase from
one of my current neighbors who owned
 her own gift shop in town.
I loved going there when I first moved here.
Its been 20 years now since I moved here.
She since closed her store and never did
I imagine I would have my own now.

This flag is a 48 star cloth one.

The huge flag here is also a 48 star cloth one.
I love them both!

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments
for Bob and I.
It is greatly appreciated!
He is still weak with the short term memory loss
and vision loss.
He cannot do much as he tires easily.
Tundra is loving all of the attention though now.
He has both his mommy and daddy home every day.
Bob will be joining me this morning
as I work the gift shop with Tundra.
If he gets tired...which I know he will,
we have a ride for him to go home.
He just wants to get out of the house.
Cannot blame him.
He will not be working,  just visiting for a bit.

Well have to get ready.
Am adding in a few Autumn goodies now.
No more space in our storage room,
(too much Halloween in there)
so I have to put it out on the floor.

Halloween set up is in 21 days.
Am getting excited now,
however I was not able to finish my creations.
No new witches or pumpkin folks.
Guess there is always next year.

Still trying to finish up the WIP's I started
pre hospital days.

Well off we go.
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Post July 4th Blessings To All! 


  1. It is never a wrong time to celebrate our Flag or our independence. Like you I don't understand the removing of the statues and those people trying to cancel history.
    I'll bet Bob will be at the store longer than he planned because once word gets out he's there people will visit just to say 'hi' to him.

    1. Yes he was there longer than he wanted to be. Its as you said, everyone wanted to talk to him. He will be staying home tomorrow. Janice

  2. Hi Janice, your 4th of July display is gorgeous. It looks like you are managing quite well despite the big set back.
    It will do Bob some good to be in the store with his favorite customers. Community love and support is what he needs now.

    I wish him speedy recovery.

    1. Thank you Julia! It did him good to go to the store, but tired him out. He is going to stay home tomorrow. Janice

  3. I'm so glad Bob got out of the house and to the shop and hope it was a good day for him -- and for you, too. I love your displays and it's never too late to display them! (Hold onto those for Veterans Day, too!)


    1. He was glad until the afternoon, then our friend took him home. He tires every afternoon. It was good for him to get out, but I knew he could not do the whole day. Yes I will hold on to all of my flags forever. Janice

  4. Beautiful - as always! I hadn't heard talk yet about statues being my humble opinion, the Founding Fathers and leaders were chosen for their difficult tasks as a part of an inspired plan. Were they perfect? No, but then none of us are...I can't imagine where we'd be without them. (Off my soap box now). Hope you're getting some rest this weekend! Mary

    1. Yes Mary, without our Founding Fathers where would we be right now. Maybe we would be part of Canada...who knows. but my dad always told me without a past there can be no future. Yes no one is perfect, but this country is getting to woke for me. Glad I live in a small community. Janice

  5. I love your 4th of July displays. Your patriotic displays are second to none, for sure!

  6. Thanks a bunch. I just needed to be more patriotic this year, so I pulled out what I had. Just did my living room and the one kitchen cupboarscape display. The colors are perfect for these rooms. Janice

  7. One of your very best displays, Janice. The sight of our flag always humbles me. ~Robin~

  8. Thanks Robin. Our flag humbles me too! Janice

  9. Good morning Janice. I am so sorry to hear about Bob. I haven't read any blogs for ages and only just saw this. I hope he has a full recovery. I really miss seeing both of you at shows. Earlene and I were just saying that when we went to the Dayton show in June. Not the same since there are no more shows in Holly. Anyway I am thinking of you and Bob, and tell him that I send my best wishes to him. Loving all of your pictures in your post. Have a great rest of the weekend. Janet

  10. Thanks Janet. We use to go to Springfield Ohio for shows twice a year. Wonder if that is the one you went to in June as I heard they started doing June once again. They had stopped doing them when tornado warnings were issued the one time we were there. Somehow we all need to meet for a day at some point. You have a great weekend too! Janice

    1. Janice, it was the Back to our Roots show that we went to in June. Jamie's show. It was really nice to get to a show again, but we really miss the Holly show and everyone there.

    2. Maybe we can go to this one next year and meet up with you if you go again. Janice

  11. I love anything patriotic!!!
    Continued prayers for Bob's speedy recovery.

  12. I so love the colors of our flag! Thanks. We are taking it day by day. He actually was able to bbq some chicken for dinner tonight for us. Janice

  13. I love all the items here! I have a ton of red, white and blue in my house. I do hope your hubby feels better soon. It just takes time for our bodies to heal. I sure understand wanting to get out of the house and back to normal. I'm looking forward to seeing the Halloween stuff! I just got my first Autumn magazine. I don't like to wish time to fly by but I do love Fall and Halloween! Have a good week Janice!

    1. Thanks a bunch! I love our red white and blue. Am looking forward to setting up the store for Halloween. I have purchased some cool unusual items this year. Bob is feeling a bit better and thanks for thinking of him. Hope your sister is doing better too! Janice

  14. "History shows Washington was ambivalent about slavery but avoided the issue publicly. Behind closed doors, he went to great lengths to keep his slaves from being freed. After he became president and moved his household to Philadelphia, he secretly rotated slaves out of state every six months to avoid a Pennsylvania law that would have allowed them to gain freedom. He signed the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 that allowed for the seizure and return of runaway slaves."

    Perhaps this is why. I am white. Perhaps those most effected should have some input. A statue removal does not equate to a socialist state. The use of logic and not relying on emotions is helpful when discussing such an emotional topic as slavery and racism. Racism and discrimination exists today. That is a fact. I work in a hospital and have heard the n word used to describe staff members and patients by racist people. You may not experience it but it does happen. Removal of a statue does not mean history is being rewritten. History is already written, the good and the bad. Washington and his contributions to this country will not be forgotten.

    1. Yes your comment about Washington is true. I did not mean to say removal of a statue constitutes a socialist state. I just feel this country is moving towards a socialist government and it may be too late if we allow this to happen. I just wish the schools would go back to teaching the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic. China is going to overtake us if we let them. They always said they could without a war, and it may be happening right before our eyes. The fentanyl coming across the border comes from China. Think about it. They are killing our kids who might be able to fight in a war if needed to. Most of our merchandise comes from China. Tik Tok is owned by China, yet they do not allow the same content in their country that is allowed in ours. With respect to racism, my nephew and niece are bi-racial and I have seen racism first hand. I do believe though that my grandchildren's generation is less racist than ours is. Let's hope we can put this to rest. My dad always told me that without a past, there cannot be a we need to learn from our past. Thanks for your comments! Janice

  15. I agree with you Janice, I am sad to see the direction our nation is heading. WOKE ideas are seeping into every nook and cranny. It does give me hope so many folks purchased your Pledge of Allegiance items.
    I do love your American displays.

  16. Thanks Carla! Am hoping our country will turn round soon. Janice


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