Sunday, July 24, 2022

Patriotic Colors

Well the end is near.
For both July and Summer.
Hello friends.
Hope this post finds you healthy and well.
Bob remains the same.
No worse. No better.
Time will decide it seems.

Back when we first started selling antiques,
I created these patriotic sheep.
Some 14 years ago.

I should have ironed this flag but did not
have time. Oh well.

My red, white and blue firkins and pantry box.

The banner on the wall is an antique.

In other news, the other day there was
a tornado warning for my moms small town.
I immediately called her house phone when I got the alert.
When I asked her if she was taking shelter,
she proceeds to tell me
"Well I was until the phone rang" 
All I said after was "ok bye"
She called me back after she got the all clear.
We both laughed as I forgot she can
hear the towns tornado alarm as it is
only 2 blocks from her house.
No tornado this time.

However in the late 90's, 
my brother called me on a Friday
late in the afternoon telling me one did
touch down in her town.
Since I was the closest kid to her house,
I told him I was on my way.
Grabbed clothes for me and the kids
and we were off.
Once I got into town, there were trees down
The police stopped me and asked me if I
was a resident.
I said yes, and he asked for my address.
I gave him my moms and he let me go through.
Once I got to my mom's her house was fine.
She had no power, but told me she
watched the tornado coming from the West.
Once it got close, she took shelter.
Fortunately it went back up
 before hitting her street.
Towards the west is farmland and she
can see for miles.
Witnesses said it came back down
2 blocks east of her near Lake Huron
and touched down in the harbor.
Many boats damaged.
Thankfully no homes or loss of life.

Well off to the store.
Now that most of the Autumn goods
are on display
(no room in out tiny storage area)
[too much Christmas and Halloween in there]
Now I need to check in the Christmas items that arrived.

Patriotic Color Blessings. To All!


  1. Hi Janice, beautiful collection of patriotic and primitive style items. You have quite the eye for arranging things too. Tornadoes are scary and here in Ontario we had a Deroche pass through that took down some of our trees. That is a first for here; it seems the weather is changing all over.

  2. There are have been a few touchdowns in Delaware and don't think there used to be any at all. However, back in the day there wasn't the alert system we have today on the electronic devices. But when I get the alert I'm scare to death because I have NO basement. I'd have to get in the bathroom tub or closet.

  3. I love your patriotic decor and those faux sparklers are just too cute.

    I hope that you are all safe from those tornadoes. They are merciless and destroy whatever is in their paths.


  4. We already had our tornadoes this year...3 of them but thankfully we weren't hurt except for that pesky power outage. My sister lives in Illinois near Naperville and it was hit by a tornado. Thankfully she didn't have any damage. It's been a stormy summer! I know July is almost over but Summer still has 2 mo to go! I'm a Fall person and I always look forward to Fall but so far I'm still enjoying the Summer. Take care up there and I will continue prayers for your hubby!

  5. Tornadoes scare the heck out of me but at least if you can get warning and have a place of shelter it helps. Glad all was well.

  6. I have so enjoyed your patriotic colors and decor. How talented you are!

  7. You have THE BEST crocks...and patriotic displays!!!
    Continued prayers for Bob.

  8. Love the displays!
    I do not like storms. I use to enjoy a good old fashioned thunderstorm, but since moving here, the good old fashioned thunderstorms usually produce hail, wind and damage. :-(


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