Saturday, February 17, 2018

Red Bedroom

It's the 
Plus I have Monday off so

For the love month this year,
I also decked our bedroom in red.

The red/green checked blanket is one of my
Linsey Woolsey ones. 
I NEVER put them on the bed,
Because my kitties would lay on them...
and they are very delicate.
Don't want them ruined.

I so love my raw wool hanging...
sometimes I put it in my large basket,
but for now its hanging. 

I also hung up a few of my red quilts. color of love.
I know my friend Julie from 
My Primitive Heart
would agree!

Just came back from breakfast.
We usually don't eat breakfast,
however today we treated FIL.
He was glad to see me.
We caught up and had a great meal.

Then I went and got my car washed....
it looked black instead of gray, LOL
Then it was the grocery stop.
Tonight's dinner will be homemade pizza
and beer of course.
Bob will be bringing home some new kind.
We like to try different craft beers.
What are you planning for dinner tonight?

Oh, before I forget...
will show more of our red bedroom next week.

Red Bedroom Blessings To All!


  1. Hi Janice,
    Yes, you know me well, my friend!!! Wonderful RED!!!! Your display is just perfect and I love all the different textures and pieces you used!! Enjoy your weekend and that pizza!! I will be working on some new pieces for a Spring Update coming soon (hopefully) and enjoying some cooler weather here in AZ!!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. Red is always my favorite! Great for Valentine's Week too. I liked looking close and seeing all the different bits of red from the quilts, blankets and little bits of red on the prim light...

    1. My dad was fond of red, but my mom not so much. I know that why he loved red Poinsettias at Christmas. Janice

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Cathy! I love February. Its the month I can bring my red on. :-) Janice

  4. Love it That blue wall with the red OH MY !!!
    Cant wait for more

    linda m

    1. Yes it is quite a contrast. Thanks for stopping by! Janice

  5. I like red and white in checks or toile prints.
    It looks great put together

    1. I am partial to reds and blues. Thanks for sharing your love too! Janice

  6. Love your red themed quilts hanging up! Red is also one of my favorite colors and it works great with your Valentine theme as well as several other seasons.

    My hubby and I also love craft beers, and especially with pizza! Sounds like a perfect Saturday night to me!!

    1. The craft beer of choice this time was Sam Adams Cold Snap. It was good...especially with the pizza. Janice

  7. Love all your touches of red. My grandma always said every room needs a pop of red!

  8. Bedroom looks great.
    I hope you are enjoying your long weekend.
    Hugs :)

  9. Yes I am but had to go to the dentist this have to go back for a filling. Oh well. Janice

  10. Love the red quilts and the linsey woolsey. Sounds like a busy weekend, glad you have the extra day off pizza sounds yummy for sure my favorite beer is a belgian beer that tastes like red pop. No one else likes it though lol have a spectacular week.

  11. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.



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