Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February CupboardScape

Happy Valentine's Day all!
Hope your day is filled with love and joy.
I just had to make this month's Cupboardscape
a Valentine theme.
Hope you enjoy.

My second Valentine tree was a simple one.
I made hearts from pink and red chenille stems
I found at Hobby Lobby.
Do you notice the red transferware platter in the back?

Searched Pinterest for some 
kitty valentines, and printed them on white cardstock.
I paid $5.00 to create this tree.
however I made the dollie years ago.

I added my red pantry box to the side of this display.
Placed a faux cornbread on top with three blackened
beeswax hearts.

A simple cheap tree.

I love making bald dollies....
they make me smile!
We could all use a smile.
Jacky from Dicky Bird's Nest blog
reminded me the other day that we all need to smile.
Thank you Jacky for this reminder. 

Since I am so ready for Spring,
I added my faux lavender in my galvanized French pitcher,
which is atop my three legged milk stool.

If you click on the pictures to enlarge,
you can see the garland above is a red/white stripe ribbon
that I just added to some greens.
Just a simple Valentine display in the hope
that it made you smile today.

Do you have any plans for Valentine's?
Bob and I do not celebrate this holiday.
However we will be taking our daughter out for
a birthday dinner one day this weekend.
She loves pasta, so I believe a trip to
Olive Garden will be the restaurant we go to.

St. Valentine Blessings To All!


  1. The little tree is cute! As I was reading, I came to the part about me and smiling - thanks. We don't go out for Valentine's day either. My husband has always given our 2 daughters as special card and small gift for Valentine's Day - they are 26 & 24 and he is still doing this. This year he was reading the cards he picked for them to me...he started to cry....I said "that makes me love you even more!"

    1. What a sweet idea! You chose a good one there.Janice

  2. very sweet Happy valentines day!

  3. Hi Janice,
    Love your sweet tree!! Happy Valentines Day!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. THanks sweet friend. Hope you day was sweet too! Janice

  4. I love your sweet tree with the cute, cute dollie!! My Dollie that you made is sitting under my tree holding her heart made from pretty fabric. I think prim dolls have so much personality and work perfectly with antiques or just because they are darling just the way they are!!

    1. Please share your dollie. So love seeing others decorate! Janice

  5. Even though you don't celebrate Valentine's Day, I hope your day was wonderful!

  6. Yes it was. Thank you! We feel so blessed that every day is Valentine's for us. Janice

  7. Pretty projects,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !



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