Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Help Wanted

Good evening sweet friends!
Need your help.
Bob and I are beginning a new adventure.
We are in the beginning stage of opening a candy store.
We have thought about this for many months now.
We plan on doing an old fashioned store.
Tin ceilings and wood floor.
Schoolhouse lighting and old fashion candies.

We need your help with the old fashion candy decision.
With that said, 
I will giveaway my latest kitty that will be a part
of next year's shows.

What I ask of you is this.

If you would like a chance to win Diablo,
you must do the following.

1. Be a follower of my blog.
2. Be a US or Canadian Follower
{sorry shipping is too expensive to offer in other countries}
3. Mention that you would like to win Diablo.
4. Tell me what old fashion candy you liked as a child. 

You help me.
I offer a chance to win Diablo.

If you do not want to win Diablo,
commenting with your favorite candy
would still be greatly appreciated.

I will draw from those who want Diablo
either Friday night or Saturday.

Thank you in advance to everyone
 who comments to this post.

Help Wanted Blessings To All!


  1. I think little kitty would look really good at my house. Necco wafers and Bit O Honey were two of my favorites. Oh wait maybe those little wax bottles of colored sugar water and the long paper with the little dots. We called them pills!!

  2. Oh my! I love the kitty, and I would love to win him! Anyway, I am in my sixties, and when younger I loved those wax lips and those little bottles of sugar water too, but we called them soda bottles.Oh, and old fashioned lollipops... the big clear ones in different colors.

  3. I'd love to win Diablo.
    I loved the paper straws filled with flavored sugar, but my all time favorite is maple sugar candy!
    Good luck with your new venture.

  4. I would like to win diablo. I have a couple of ideas. I live an hour away from the store that have the longest candy counter in the world, and I share a store space with a ice cream candy store. Also a very upscale hotel restaurant in my area that has a candy bowl all the time.
    most things gummy are very popular at the ice cream store.
    hotel/restaurant have large bowls of mary janes and root beer barrels. which we grab handfuls of on our way out the door. I think my favorites were sweet tarts of any kind.
    and the longest candy counter have lots of everything. they give everyone plastic gloves and a bag and they go down the counter you weigh in at the end.
    Hope this helped a bit and good luck

  5. I'd love to win Diablo and seeing his little face brought me to your blog...as I child I was able to walk to a little candy shop when visiting Grandma...my favorite were anything black licorice, fireballs, Mary Jane's...

  6. Wow, Janice, this new candy shop idea sounds like a great idea and really fun! First of all, please add me to the chance to win Diablo. He is adorable. Here are a few of my favorites from Gentry's candy store in the 1950s when we used to walk home from elementary school: peanut butter bars, wax teeth and lips at Halloween(they were so much fun!), big sour grape bubble gum balls, candy corn mix with the pumpkins ( I still love that and even have some on my desk right now!), neccos, and chocolate peppermint paddies.

    I love your idea of an old fashioned candy store with wood floors and tin ceilings. We need more of those places for a community because they can be inviting and a happy place for anyone to visit. Good luck and I look forward to hearing more as plans roll out!

  7. How exciting!! We had a wonderful old store in my town when I was growing up with old creaking wood floors, wooden barrels and baskets filled with goods, beautiful glass display cases and all kinds of penny candy. We used to go all the time. It was just a short walk from my home. On days when we were allowed to walk to school we would stop there and buy candy. What wonderful memories. We have a Mercantile now that has candy in the old jars but it sure isn't a penny anymore. My grandchildren love to go there and pick out their candy piece by piece. Thank goodness for the patience of the people working there. My favorite old fashioned candy were the squirrels and mint juleps. I would love to win Diablo, he would have a very happy home with me. Thank you.

  8. Every summer we would try to find old fashion candy shops to take our grands They always looked forward to it Your shop sounds wonderful Its hard to choose one candy lol liquid in wax soda bottles ,candy necklaces, sweeties Would love a chance to win diablo Good luck in planning and doing
    Also grands loved being able to get a t shirt with the candy shops logo
    linda m

  9. Love your candy shop idea, Janice :) All the best with this new project :)

  10. The candy dtore sounds like it will be fun. Love littlr Diablo and would love to win him. My favorite candies were the jolly rancher sours and red licorice whips and the little candy ice cream cones. At the Texas rodeo they have long tables with everything you can think of. They provide baskets, not too big not too small, at the beginning for you to fill up. When you see your memories all out there you have to buy some and boy can it add up haha.

  11. Hi Janice...I was wondering how you two were coming along with the candy store.
    My favorite thing to get was either cinnamon candy or seafoam candy. Seafoam was a light airy crunchy filling covered in chocolate.

  12. I would love to win Diablo. My favorite old fashioned candy was taffy. The students would sell it in grammar school and it was so yummy.


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