Sunday, October 1, 2017

Bedroom Find N Seek

So very glad you could join me
for a game of
Find ~ N ~ Seek
{Janice's version}

Find the feathers.
{On the bed}

Pretty easy game don't you think?
Now find the tansy.

It is in the pitcher which is next to my closet.
Did you find it?

Now find the 5 pieces of crockery.
{two on the floor, three on the table}
Pretty easy right?

Next do you see the basket?

Did you find it with a bit of bittersweet nearby.

How about the pheasant feathers?

Tucked inside the wax sealers.
Did you spot them?.

Finally the stone fruit.
{This one's really easy}

This peach is sitting on the bonnet.

Hope you enjoyed my silly game of 
Find N Seek.

More of our Autumn bedroom in more posts.

Yesterday Bob and I went to a festival of 
Whistles on the Water.
They demonstrated different kinds of ship
horns or whistles as they call them.
Boy were they loud.
Being on the river this type of stuff interests us.
Today it is foggy, so I have been hearing the frieghters
blow their horn at each buoy,
It's to let other freighters know they are in the river.

We then went on our usual antique shop haunts,
and I found a few things.
Yippee for me.
Plus it is nice seeing old friends that we don't often get to see.

After that my brother/SIL, sister/BIL, Bob and I took my mom out for her 83rd wonderful birthday.
We invited my mom's sister to come along too.
It was nice because I do not often see my siblings.
{we had lots of catching up to do}

Today I am probably going to make some chili for dinner.
It is a bit chilly this morning.
Then will move my living room furniture for the Winter look.
Then create a Halloween goodie for a giveaway.
Stay tuned. 

What does this day find you doing?

Find N Seek Blessings To All!


  1. tansy? What is that?

    "What does this day find you doing?"

    Sitting here. Home from church. Drinking coffee. Thinking about going to the grocery store to get pistachios and blueberries. Thinking about sitting out on the deck instead with a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate. Sigh...beautiful day.

  2. such wonderful pieces. I need to dig out fall for it is here.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Your photos are beautiful - really enjoyed the post. We are enjoying cooler weather finally and I am in the mood for soup!

  4. Happy birthday to your mom. Lucky you to be able to celebrate with her.


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