Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Getting Ready On Two Counts

Good morning sweet friends.
Today is surgery day for my daughter.
Please say a prayer for her if you can.
Much appreciated.
It's been a week since she was released from the hospital,
only to be ordered to bed so the swelling could
go down in her leg.
She has been so bored she has taken up crocheting.
Rather trying by viewing You Tube videos.
She wants to make a mermaid tail blanket.
I told her to start by making a scarf.
Now Bob thinks we will all be getting
scarves for Christmas, :-) 

Speaking of Christmas, I bought this sweet
early hooked rug at the New Haven show.
If you look close you can see blocks stacked
or stars...just depends on how you see it.
What do you see?

This fun tree had to come home with me too.
Do you notice the star on the rug is a bit different
from the one on the base of the tree?

When I spotted this acorn silver ornament.

It gave me the idea to place it in a bowl of walnuts.
Don't the nuts go together. ;-)

To finish my vignette I added my bowl.

It is the sweetest red color.

The finished look....
I think it still needs something to the left.
Will keep looking in my bag of goodies...
er my attic, for the right item, so stay tuned.

Getting ready for Christmas,
but also getting ready for our bedroom redo.

I took pics of each corner for the before look.

Corner looking from Bob's closet.

Looking into the hall from the windows.
My closet to the right.

Looking at the windows from the bedroom door.

Lastly from the red cabinet looking
at Bob's closet.

The red cabinet will stay in the same place afterwards.
I decided to keep it in the pics for a reference point.
Bob took it down now and the ceiling tiles are gone too.
Cannot wait to be rid of this brown linoleum floor.

While I am getting ready for Christmas.
Bob is getting ready with our bedroom.

Getting Ready On Two Counts Blessings To All!


  1. I will be thinking of your daughter today, I hope it goes well and she will get well soon. It is nice she is crocheting, at the craft show we saw so much beautiful crochet in vivid colors, we even brought some home. I am a fan but don't know how. I saw the blocks first then, the stars, they have one more point than the one with the tree. My kitty is still up and will probably be a permanent fixture. Maybe I will give him a candy cane to hold during Christmas. Walker, my real cat, doesn't like him at all.

  2. I hope your daughter's surgery will go smoothly today and that she will be well soon. Your little prim tree and display is just darling too! Lucky you with a new bedroom renovation on board. Can't wait to see the completed photos! I hope it all goes well and without a hitch!

  3. Pretty snippets. Hope the surgery goes well ♥


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