Sunday, November 13, 2016

Breckenridge Show

Good afternoon all.
Well we are back from the show,
and it seems I caught a cold.
Trying to motivate myself to start
my Christmas decor.

I did manage to take some pics of our booth
before the show.
Unfortunately we sold two pieces of furniture
before I took these.
Good for us, but bad for you...
as they were some awesome pieces.

Hope you enjoy.

Off to take my living room curtains
out of the dryer and re-hang...
and hopefully tackle the attic for the
Christmas decorations to take down.

Post Breckenridge Blessings To All!


  1. Wow, you had some awesome pieces at your show!! I am in love with that yellow cupboard and some of those crocks! I hope the cold gets better soon. They can really drain you for a few days.

  2. Beautiful things, love that rocking horse!

  3. Hi Janice! Wow - so much to love. Those crocks are amazing. Jane


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