Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Urge Came On

Good evening sweet friends!
Well the urge came on this past Sunday.
I started to decorate our spare bedroom
for Autumn....
for those of you that still want Summer,
I apologize ahead of time for this post.
For those who are ready for a bit cooler temps...
then this post is for you.

The humidity was so bad...
I had visions of Fall.

Cool crisp apples picked from the orchard.

My happy flowers blooming in the fields.

Taking off my shoes.

Putting them in a pile by the door...
not neatly in my pantry box here.

Taking some time to read a good book.

I hope you all were not too mad at me for this post.

Urging Lower Temps Blessings To All!


  1. Beautiful pics, Janice! Although I'm still enjoying summer, I'm also enjoying working on some new fall designs. I love autumn! Lori

  2. Janice....MAD? WooHoo, I am ALL IN for anything Fall!!! It is so hot and humid down here in Florida, but I was raised in Virginia and when the calendar moves to September, 1st, it is Fall in my mind. As you might guess, we won't be seeing any kinds of fall until late November, so, I make up my own rules and start Fall whenever I want to. We just got back from a trip to NC Mts, and I brought home two bags of early ripe apples from the farm stand. So, YES, it is not too early to get inspired and bring out the Fall vibe at home!!! I love your little early signs that the beautiful and rich season is about to unfold. Apples are leading the way and the living truth that despite this long hot summer, better weather is coming soon. Yesterday on, I saw where you all are going to get a bit of a cool blast starting over the weekend. Enjoy that for me, will you?? I'm making apple relish this afternoon and pretending it is cool out!! LOL!!

  3. I soooo want fALL...I can't stand this heat and humidity.
    I don't do well in it - I feel like I'm melting and so I just avoid outside when I can.
    Your decorating is so pretty!!

  4. Though I'm not wishing for fall, cooler temps and lower humidity would be welcome.
    Sweet vignette. Love the stone fruit apple on the books.
    Hugs :)


  5. I love the Fall decorating already Janice, very sweet touches in the bedroom.Blessings Francine.

  6. I love fall with all my heart, truly I do...but am not hurrying it on as I despise what follows fall. This weekend though we had a taste of was downright BRRRR here in Nod..... Sweet vignettes....each and every one! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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