Monday, August 29, 2016

Shades Of Autumn

Good evening sweet friends.
This is my most special time of the year
to play with my favorite shades of Autumn. 

I purchased this black wool kitty
at an estate sale...
to be used in my own special way.

I sooooo love the autumn colors in
orange, mustard gray and black.
It gives me an excuse to buy more fabric and wool.
Do you see the wool in mustard and grays?
Do you love fabric and wool as much as I do?
Are you out of space for all of that fabric & wool?
I actually have one prim cabinet dedicated to Christmas hues,
and another larger one for my autumn colors.
With wool in another one.....
so why do I need more????
For those of you with the same addiction...
well you know how it is  :-)

Purchasing fabric is so much easier
than choosing a paint chip though.
I must have 30 or more gray and beige paint swatches
for changing the color in our back room.
Decisions ~ Decisions ~ Decisions
It was easier to sketch out my latest witch
than pick a paint color.

But then again its seems I change my mind even
on my own design....LOL
(you will notice I changed the nose and eyes)
Also made her mouth a bit bigger....
I do love how wonky her nose looks though.
She now is waiting for her spa treatment
(spice bath)...
and then off to her dress maker for her stylish
outfit and accessories.

Stay tuned friends and folk as she makes her debut.

Shades Of Autumn Blessings To All!

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  1. I totally get loving fabric in all the delicious colors of a season and Fall speaks the most loudly to me! I don't see much wool down here in Florida at all and the colors you show and use are so rich and pretty.

    Love this new witch in the making! Cant wait to see her debut!!


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