Sunday, August 21, 2016

August CupboardScape

Good afternoon sweet friends.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
Last night driving home was a bit nervous
as we were travelling in the dark in a very
bad down pouring thunderstorm.
It took us a bit longer to get home,
but we arrived safe and sound.

This month's CupboardScape features
a bit of treen and Autumn.

I love to collect breadboards and pie peels.
Just love the marks on them made by homemakers past.

The corn in the fields will soon be harvested
and the hydrangeas are in full bloom.

This eclectic mix is a pre fall sampler pack.

When customers ask me what I collect;
most often I tell them I am an eclectic prim collector.
I love all styles
 primitive ~ colonial ~ farmhouse
and each room has a bit of each in them.
Do you have a particular style that beckons
your decor?

Autumn CupboardScape Blessings To All!


  1. Makes me feel like autumn is coming!

  2. Perfect transition between summer and fall Janice...I love it. I have a healthy bread board collection, but no peels...Although I've always wanted at least one, they seem to be illusive here. And I believe your style...mix of prim, colonial, farmhouse, etc. describes mine as well.... I collect what I love, and that, therefore, is my "style." Sunday Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. I love country but I am trying to make it to dark.

  4. Love the Cupboard scape as usual, nice transition into Fall treasures. I collect what I love but prims seem to be the winner.Blessings Francine.

  5. Love this early autumn collection. I never knew about pie boards and they are very cool! I love prim, farmhouse and colonial mixes but don't have a lot of things. It is sometimes hard to find what I Iike down here in Florida or maybe I don't know where to look?? LOL!! As always, thanks for sharing and inspiring the rest of us!!


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