Monday, January 12, 2015

January CupboardScape

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
Sitting by a toasty fire in our fireplace
while it is snowing ooutside.
We had 4 inches this morning and expecting
another 1 to 3 overnight.
By the way it is snowing..probably the 3 more will come down.

Its a new year for my CupboardScapes

This picture may look similar to last years ones,
however I have a little twist to it this time.
Can you guess my twist?
OK, I will let you look at the pic above again.
See if you can figure out my twist.
No its not the colors of blues browns and whites...
although at first glance it could be.
Take a closer look...
Did you get it?

Ok, for those who did not...
this year I decided to do the alphabet in prims.
For each month I will do 2 letters.
Since this is the first month...
the letters A and B are featured.

Berry bucket and britches.

Bonnets and a pair of Boots.

Abe, Boxes and Buttons.

Close up of the boxes.

Buttons again, Bobbins and an Apron underneath.

Blue Bucket and Blocks.

Close up of the Blocks.

Baby Shoes.

I snuck in a Bunny. 

Another Bucket.

Breadboard, Bowls and an Apple.

So how did I do?
It was not easy finding something that started with 
the letter I cheated a bit. LOL
Next month C and D.
Stay tuned.

First Of Many Blessings To All!


  1. Clever! I love it. Looking forward to the upcoming months! Jane

  2. I'd say you did pretty good Janice! A cute idea. I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with each month. You have some great goodies.
    Hugs, Lori

  3. Very creative!! :-) I am going to love this and will look forward to C and D. :-)

  4. OOOHHH....I love all of your buckets and those advertising boxes are to die for!! I love anything with that old wood...and those wire baskets are too cool! Stay warm and if you have to get out, drive extra safe...I could have done without the snow this year!

  5. well look at creative you! I love the idea and I love all of your A's and B's! I wish I had enough things to do that! Beautiful work and thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed,

  6. Looks great Janice. I love those boxes.
    Hope all is well.

  7. Very creative Janice! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the alphabet ..
    Have a great week. By the way. Happy New Year.
    Hugs Marg.

  8. Oh my Love it all..
    Warm Woolie Hugs

  9. Morning Janice, love it, how great are your treasures!!! Wonderful buckets, buttons, boxes and a more.Blessings Francine.

  10. Janice, love it all.. wonderful eye!!!! Stay warm! OLM

  11. Neat idea, but I would have never guessed!lol


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