Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wicked Giveaway

Good afternoon sweet blogging buddies.
As promised here is my Wicked Giveaway.
My wicked cross stitch grungy pillow
and my pudgy woolie brown kitty.

For this giveaway
you will need to creat a sentence or two
with either the word WICKED or HALLOWEEN in your sentence. 

You will receive one entry into the giveaway for each of the two words.
If you are inclined to write more than a sentence.
then for every time you add these words,
your chances will go up for each of these two words.

Oh yeah,
if you are so WICKED to post this HALLOWEEN giveaway
onto your own blog post,
this WICKED blogger will give you even another chance to win
this WICKED HALLOWEEN pillow and this
 HALLOWEEN pudgy woolie kitty.

Easy enough.
I just used these two words 6 times in my last paragraph.
Good luck my WICKED friends.
Hope you all enter into my WICKED HALLOWEEN giveaway
with your WICKED HALLOWEEN comments.
Be wickedly creative.

Drawing to be held next Saturday
September 27th.



  1. Hi Janice,This is such a wicked giveaway. I love Halloween and I would love to win these wicked little Halloween treasures.

  2. Love your giveaway Janice. I feel very wicked when it comes to Halloween, would love to win your treasures. Blessings Francine.

  3. Oh wicked me, forgot I will post on my Halloween side bar, gotta Fly, Francine.

  4. Ooooh....what a wicked(ly) wonderful giveaway - and just in time for Halloween. You are so kind Janice. I'd love the chance to add some more wicked good Halloween goodies to my decor. I just love Halloween and all the wonderfully wicked witches, cats and pumpkins!

  5. I think you are perfectly wicked to have a Halloween giveaway in such a way! The wicked pin keep it's adorable as well as your Halloween cat!!

  6. This is a wicked Halloween giveaway....but in a good way! heehee! I feel wicked wanting Halloween to be here soon so that I can dress up! Thanks for the Halloween fun....I love the little pillow that says Wicked AND the Halloween cat! Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. Oh, my how wickedly fun. I just love Halloween cats and trick or treats. Tricks can be wicked, but I rather have a sweet Halloween treat. :-)
    I love this Halloween giveaway and I will post it in my post on The River, Wednesday. :-)

  8. Your cat is so WICKED amazing and adore!! Halloween Thyme is the bomb!! XOXO Love XOXO Fran.

  9. oh my how did I miss this
    something Wicked this way comes on this skooky Halloween. Something scary the wicked fun the as kids say trick or treat.
    On this Halloween the wicked witch wears her boots and hat and Black cats roam
    ok I won't give up my crafting because writing is for sure not a good quality LOL
    sign me up

  10. Lovely wicked Halloween giveaway.I have decided to be a wicked witch on this Halloween night. Please do enter me in your wicked Halloween giveaway. Thank you

  11. I feel so wicked looking at your wonderful Halloween giveaway when I should be working. The wicked witch's shoe on the pillow is a great match for the Halloween scarf on the adorable kitty. Once again, great work Janice.

  12. What a wicked giveaway to have for Halloween!

  13. All the wicked comments on this Halloween giveaway post has me wickedly excited for Halloween! I would love to be entered into your very wicked Halloween giveaway. Your wicked witch pillow and Halloween pudgy kitty are adorable! Thanks so much for the wicked chance:)
    Blessings from one Wicked Halloweener ~ Lori


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