Thursday, September 18, 2014

Home Part Tres

Good afternoon sweet blogging friends.
A Big thank you to those who sent prayers and well wishes for my mom.
Surgery was delayed a bit as they could not dilate her eye,
so I was in the waiting room wondering why it was taking so long..
as others were leaving that went in after her.
Her  post op appointment this morning
revealed that her eye is still swelled up,
due to the eye disease she has even after removing the cataract.
She has another appt. next week to see if things are improving.
Her vision is blurry and she will be staying with us for the week.
No sense letting her try to drive home right now.

Below are a few more pics around the home.
this time in the kitchen.

Hope you enjoy.

Autumn Decor Blessings To All!


  1. Hoping things continue to get better for your mom. Beautiful fall decor...always love crocks, yours are fabulous. Jane

  2. Evening Janice, hoping all goes well with your the touches of fall at your cozy home.the candle casts a warm glow, love it.Blessings Francine.

  3. Liking all your Autumn displays Janice! Well wishes for your mom!

  4. Lovin the Fall touches with the blue.
    Prayers for your mom.
    Woolie Blessings

  5. Dear Janice, thank you for your kind comment to my post...I hope your mom quickly improves, I will keep her in my prayers...Your home is so warm and cozy, I love your fall touches...Sending greetings from Maine, Julie...

  6. Love the fall colors in your vintage crockery Janice! Hope you mom heals soon. Sure doesn't sound fun, hope she can see better soon! ~*~Lisa

  7. Sending wishes for your Mom to improve soon. Very pretty fall d├ęcor.

  8. Sending prayers for your Mom and for you, as you help her.
    Love how your Autumn decor looks.
    xx oo

  9. I so hope that your Mom's eye is healing, sorry to be so late in reading about her. Your house looks beautiful. Take care.


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