Friday, April 12, 2013

What a Crock

Good morning dear friends.
From rain to snow.
Expecting 2 inches.
Did I say YUK!!!

Two early crocks.
Both from New York.
The one on the left has an eagle decal.
Silly Bob thought it was a real eagle crock.
I had to rub a little of the decal off to prove him wrong.
Two preserve crocks on each end.
Water pitcher in the middle.
Do you like stoneware crocks or brown ones?
Or maybe both?

Happy weekend my friends.
Will you please tell Mother Nature that it is Spring.
Crock Blessings To All!


  1. Morning Janice, not more snow, yuk is right......I love the stoneware crocks the best, but the brown crocks are nice too......Happy Weekend, Francine.

  2. I haven't seen many brown crocks Janice, but everyone loves the stonewear for sure! So interesting to see the different decals and learn from where they came. TGIF! ~*~Lisa

  3. Morning Janice

    ARGH!!!! Hope forecast is off about the snow for you.

  4. What a crock! LOL! Enough of the yucky weather! Your crocks are wonderful. I can just imagine your delight at proving Bob wrong!

  5. I have always loved crocks, churns and pitchers. I have a lot of both brown and blue salt glazed. I've never seen an eagle decal on one though.
    Spring is finally here in the NC mountains. So wonderful to see green and flowers! Hope Spring arrives for you soon.

  6. Ooooo...YUMMY!!! I love stoneware, saltglaze, brown, you name....if I can break it and it's old, I love it!! :-) Saltglaze tho, is a particular weakness for me....altho I do love the blue slip glazes, those warm, dirty, muddy, brown tones get me every time. Yeah....snow....just another 4-letter word in my vocabulary. We hadn't lost the winter cover yet even, and it's snowed the last 3 days again (after a healthy coat of ice....) EEeeek. Get me OUTTA here! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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