Thursday, April 4, 2013

Old Cupboards Are Best

Good morning sweet friends.
The ice is flowing down and hopefully the Spring thaw is here.
The night before the show started,
dealers were able to shop other booths.
Bob bought this little beauty for our kitchen.

Bob could not remember why this red paint looked familiar to him.
I knew right away that it matched our dry sink.
So now I have another dilemma.
We also could not pass up this beauty.
Another dry sink.
I loved this early blue paint and that fabric curtain...
to die for!
Now I have to choose which to keep...
My red dry sink or this new old blue one.
Bob said we should sell one.
I am keeping both.
Going to put the red one in our laundry room to start a buttery.

Tomorrow we set up for another antique show.
Hopefully I can take pics of this next one.
Aren't old cupboards the Best!!!
Cupboard Blessings To All!


  1. Janice, I love the old antique blue and the other new on. I think you should keep both of them.
    I understand we have a whole sale show we are going to and I always want to keep something we have bought.
    You are right old antique cupboards are the BEST, if they only could talk and tell us the stories behind them.

    Good luck on your antique show I know you will do great. You have such beautiful things. I told my husband I wish you lived near us or we lived near you I would buy ALOT from you!
    I LOVE, LOVE your taste.
    Tricia XO

  2. Morning Janice, way to go!!!! beautiful old cupboard, love it and the dry sink is amazing, love the blue, glad your keeping both, I would....Good luck this weekend, Blessings Francine.

  3. Ummmm, yes!!! Old cupboards ARE the best! What an excellent idea to start a buttery with the other drysink! Problem solved!! ;)

  4. Gorgeous. YES, keep both ;)

  5. wonderful, I love old cupboards!

  6. I love old cupboards and think you should keep them both!

  7. Love love love them both! Good luck with your next show.

  8. What a great find. Love them.
    Of course I Love wood!!!


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