Monday, March 25, 2013

Why Did I Ask

Snowy morning once again.
Good morning friends.

 I was home alone with the kitties,
and wanted to ask Ace his opinion on my new bunnies.

He was sleeping,
but thought he would like them anyway.

The first was one of a few I made
for the Breckenridge Show.

Prim Bunny holding a Red Tulip.
His scarf is from an old tick cut up coverlet.
He rolled over and just looked at me.
So then I showed him my paper candy container bunny.
He yawned at me...
Guess he was not impressed.
Now I have to ask your opinion.
Bunny Blessings To All!


  1. Morning Janice, Ace is so tired, life is tough, :) Love your bunny`s, how sweet is the prim one with the Tulip, cute.......Spring Blessings Francine.

  2. Ace will let you know when HE is ready to tell you and not a minute sooner..;) Love kitties!
    Loving your bunnies, especially the one with the red tulip!

  3. Now Janice, don't give Ace too hard a time, the little fellow just woke up. I especially like the one with the red tulip!

  4. your bunnies are really, really cute but how bout that beautiful cat!

  5. Love the bunnies...especially the one with the tulip! Now if only we could get this crazy weather to cooperate and decide it was spring time huh? Have a good day!

  6. Good Morning:
    I am patiently awaiting Spring as we got more snow last night!
    I wanted to invite you over to my blog for my Spring Auction Sale going on now! Help me clear out some stuff! If you share my sale on your blog or facebook page I will give you 10% off!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Michelle / Simple Pleasures

  7. AW Janice I love that bunny the tulip is the perfect addition!! Your cat is too cute!! Cats are so adorable!! I don't have any I am allergic to them but I love them. I had a cold too for about a week it was driving me crazy and this flippin weather too!! EWW!! Love your Spring centerpiece ideal. I have one of those bushes I think I'll go get some and see if I can force them to bloom in a bottle. Glad the frieghters are back. Have you seen any robins yet? I haven't but my Crows are back!! LOL XOXO Luv Fran.

  8. Oh my how funny.
    Ace is soo cute. Lovin those bunnies too.
    Woolie Hugs


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