Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Giveaway

Its that time again folks.
Another giveaway.

For this giveaway,
one winner will receive my wee prim bunny
plus a bunch of Sugarsnax carrots.
Hand drawn and
handmade by lil' ole me.
1. Must be a follower (new or old)
2. Comment on this post only
with an answer to this question.
How do you celebrate Spring?
3. If you post to your sidebar my giveaway, 5 extra entries.
4. If you bring me over a new follower, 15 extra entries. 
(you must tell me the person you brought over)
Good luck everyone!
Spring Blessings To All!


  1. I celebrate spring by digging out my garden stuff and cleaning them up with fresh paint etc. Thanks for hosting this giveaway am posting to by sidebar. Love the Carrots

  2. Hi Janice, love a chance to win your prim bunny, I will also post on my sidebar......I celebrate Spring by decorating with bunny's , flowers and freshening up the house with lighter colors..... Blessings Francine.

  3. Hi Janice,

    I'd love to be entered and I'm already a follower! I celebrate spring with a few prim spring decorations but mostly by just getting out more with the kids - we sometimes take our schoolwork outside. And I do a little spring cleaning and organizing!

    I am going to post your giveaway on my sidebar too!

    Thanks for offering the giveaway! Would love to add your goodies to my spring decorating!


  4. Hi Janice,
    What a cute bunny and carrots! You are so talented ad kind to host such a sweet giveaway! Please count me in on the fun and enter me for 5 more for posting on my side bar. I love to celebrate Spring by cutting down a branch painting it white and decorating it with eggs. This year I will decorate my new seasonal tree that I got after Christmas.

  5. Hi Janice, I would love to be entered.You are so talented. I just love the bunny and the carrots. I am hoping to get my decorating done this weekend. I love to have pansies in a box by the door so I can see them every time I come home. They always say spring to me.Blessings~Sara

  6. Please enter me Janice, I would love the chance to win this adorable bunny and carrots!

  7. Please enter me in your Spring giveaway is all very cute.
    How do I celebrate Spring...hmm..I guess I would have to say we spend more time eating out on our porch, I leave the windows open a little at night to here the peepers and plant pansies in pots ( pansies can handle cold weather) and get my hands dirty.
    Easter is early this year so hope it is warm for kids egg hunt.
    Have a great week

  8. Hey Girlfriend....Have you forgiven me yet for my little snafu regarding your Valentine's giveaway??? ;o Hope so, because I would love to have a chance in your wonderful spring giveaway.....Love me my bun buns....and this fella is one of the sweetest.... I've posted on my sidebar....

    As far as how I celebrate spring? Ahhh - in many ways...Lady Spring usually takes her good-natured time finding her way to Nod, so when she arrives, I'm's one less layer of clothing for me that I look forward to....those long johns get wearisome after a long winter here.... ;o)

    Thanks for another fun opportunity....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - I am SOOOOO stinking jealous of that horse of yours!!!)

  9. We always celebrate with a huge easter egg hunt on the farm.I'm posting to my sidebar as well.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  10. Hi Janice,
    What a wonderful Spring giveaway...made by you!!!!I love the prim bunny and the prim carrots you made...AWESOME!
    How I celebrate Spring is,first I spring clean my home and open our windows and let the fresh air come in. I decorate the inside our home with fake prim eggs,I get out my prim pots and put some heavy duty plants in them. I declutter our closets and bring bags to the bins that are in the shopping parking lots.
    I also make a list of flower's that I need to get for my gardens that need to be planted and I get our porch ready to go outside in the morning and have my hot coffee with my husband and listen to the birds and read our Sunday newspaper.
    I would LOVE to enter in your Spring giveaway!

    Thanks a bunch!
    Think Springtime,
    Tricia XO

  11. Good Morning Janice!! I celebrate Spring with a smile on my face more often!! And clean up things more I usually sneak out to the porch and put some cute little things that remind me of Spring. This year I think I am gonna round up all of my little kids rubber boots and put Spring flowers in them like Pansies probably!! I ususally like to plant Pansies right away. Thanks for the chance I LOVE your doll and I have been drooling over your carrots since you posted on them!! Have a groovey Michigan-Thumb kinda day!!! XOXO Luv Fran.

  12. Hi Janice, what a cute giveaway! I would love to be entered. I celebrate spring by planting my flowers! Love flowers!
    Be blessed,

  13. Oops...forgot, I will post this on my sidebar.

  14. Hi Janice, I would love to be entered. I like to celebrate spring with a good cleaning first. Then I put away the old and bring out the new. I love the freshness that comes along with spring:)
    I will post to my sidebar ~ thanks!

  15. I loves me your wee bunny Janice!!! Pls enter me and I will post on my sidebar! We celebrate spring with a egghunt in the woods along the trails. Colorful eggs nesting in stumps and hanging from trees-magical fun! ~*~Lisa

  16. Hello Janice,
    My friend, Francine, has your darling button on her side bar...and, when I saw it I just had to stop by. Your primitives are delightful and so original.
    I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I have a new laptop and I'm a bit befuddled...As soon as I figure out how to add your button to my sidebar I will gladly add it.
    thank you for your generous Giveaway!
    Carolynn xo

  17. Hi!!!
    I am a follower, and I was ever so happy to put a link to your giveaway in my sidebar. I would love to be entered.

    Hmm, how do I celebrate Spring? Well, I put out prim bunnies and eggs and birdies. Drive with the sunroof open. Do grading in the park with the car windows open during planning periods. I am like Janice at the top- take schoolwork outside. Have a cup of coffee on the deck in the morning if it is warm.

    Since I do not have children of my own, my effort is spent on my students. I have a set of "Resurrection Eggs". We do it like an advent calendar leading up to Easter. Each egg tells a different part of the account of Christ's death and resurrection through a little object. Since many of the students have done the eggs before, I make them pass the egg around and guess which object is inside and what it represents. So really, they are telling the story to me. :) It is a special tradition for me.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!


  18. Oh so cute -please include me in your giveaway. I'll post a link on my sidebar and also on my Ravenwood Whimzies facebook page.
    I love Spring - we celebrate by enjoying the fresh air, going for walks, working the soil and watching the birds

  19. What a wonderful Giveaway!
    I Love the bunny and carrots.
    I would Love to be entered.
    I am a follower of your Blog.
    I posted your Giveaway on my sidebar.
    I celebrate Spring by doing some deep cleaning. Hopefully warm enough to open the windows for a bit to let in the fresh air. Cleaning out the flower beds, and getting a plan together for what I will plant in my flower pots. And taking a walk with the kids.
    Have a wonderful week!

  20. Cute bunny! Please enter me in your giveaway! I'm a follower!

    I celebrate spring with flowers, Easter, spring prims and working outside in the yard!

  21. Hi Janice,what a lovely giveaway!Please include my name in the drawing.I love to celebrate Spring by cleaning the house top to bottom and then heading outside to play in the dirt.I am a follower and will post on my sidebar.Hugs,Jen

  22. Oh, how I would love for one of your bunnies to come and live here at Dog Trot Farm. Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway. Greetings, Julie.

  23. Hi, I would love to be entered into your giveaway! I saw you on Cindi's Country Corner sidebar and just discovered your great site! Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

  24. Please enter me..I love to plant flowers. In the ground , pots ,boots and anything I can plant in.
    Woolie hugs

  25. OMGoodness, thank you so much for your generous give-away! Such cute projects :) Please enter me for a chance to win, I am a new follower...although I have been a reader already.
    Smiles, DianeM

  26. LOVE your wee bunny and carrots!! Would love the chance to win these adorable spring goodies!
    Love to clean out the garage and shed from the winter madness and plant my flowers. Fresh and new!


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