Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Thrill Of The Hunt

Anyone who really knows me,
knows that I hate malls, grocery stores and the like.
However get me into an antique store or an antique show...
its hard to get me out.

Last week's show was no exception.
Bob and I arrived at the show at 6:00am
and by 6:45am, we already made two trips to the van with goodies.

Then I spotted something that I absolutely fell in love with.
I knew it had to come home with me.
Unfortunately the vendor was no where to be seen.
I asked the vendors on both sides if they knew when this particular vendor
 was going to show up.
One told me 10 minutes and the other by 7:30.
I was like a mad dog and this item was going home with ME.
Bob said lets come back.
I said NO WAY!!
I am staying right here until this guy comes.
You can go and shop, but I am staying put.

Bob went off to shop and like a good guard dog,
I guarded my precious item to the bitter end. LOL
Others came up to look at MY item, and I simply told them it was already sold.
They must have thought I was the vendor...but at the time, I did not care.
I was going to buy this item.
This piece was going home with ME...


I absolutely fell in love with this blue cupboard.

I gave up my pot belly cabinet to add the blue cupboard into my kitchen.
It was worth it to me.

 I added two crocks and an 1800's splint basket to the top.

On our way back home,
we stopped at a little primitive store inside a barn.

This fun store is called
The Old Granary.
Loved shopping inside and came home with some goodies from there too!

One of them was this brown prairie bonnet.
So what do you think?
Was it worth it for me to wait 45 minutes?
I say YES!!

Spring Blessings to all,


  1. So very much worth the wait! Great cupboard...wonderful color! You did good!

  2. Hello Janice, well yes, you did the right thing in waiting, loooove the blue cupboard. Looks so good with the bonnet, crocks and basket,perfectly prim. Enjoy, Blessings Francine.

  3. Giggling at you because I would have done the same thing.The one I bought last week looks alot like yours but we took the doors off.I would have gone a little buggy though waiting for them to get there but at least your hubby was on the hunt.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Oh Yes - it was worth it. Love The Old Granary, we do the gathering in September there. Looks like you had a great time, Dawn

  5. For sure worth the wait Janice!!!
    Wonderful cupboard! I like how you decorated too.
    I go to the Old Granary often. One of my favorite shops. Not to far from me.

  6. Janice, Yeah for you girl. I love the blue cabinet. Bet you had a smile on that face of yours that lasted all day. Heck, you might still be smiling. I love the cabinet you got rid of too. Sounds like a fun day and you found lots of goodies. Have a great Thursday.

  7. I say yes too! It's a very neat cupboard!! Love how you decorated it!

  8. Love love love the cabinet. What a cool find. Certainly worth the wait!

  9. LOVE IT !!! I woulda played guard dog for it too ! That potbelly isnt too shabby either but I m a sucker for OLD Painted Cupboards :0) Score ! enjoy it and your week hugs lil raggedy angie

  10. I would have waited all day for that Beautiful Cupboard!!!
    What an Awesome Find!!!
    Hope your going to show us some of the other wonderful goodies you got.
    Love the bonnet!
    Prim Blessings

  11. Great find! You sound like me, forget all those stores, let me go to an antique store! I love that pot belly, though! Thanks for sharing.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  12. Love the cupboard..I would have stood guard too !!! Great find !

  13. I'm loving that blue all to pieces Janice....but would take what it replaced in a heartbeat too.... That's my problem - I fall in love and stay in love too easily.... Congrats on a wonderful score....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  14. Oh my yes the cupboard was worth the wait. I love your pot belly cabinet. It would look great with all my wood cupboards. Wish I lived close by to visit your shop. It would have to come home with me. So nice you got meet Angie on your trip. You brought home wonderful items. You are so right when you did the wood & browns post. We all love those two together. You have wonderful wood boxes. I like to store things in them to. Blessings!


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