Friday, May 25, 2012

More Goodies And Friday Fun Facts

First I want to tell you about this next piece we purchased.
I wanted this piece too, but since Bob let me take home the blue cupboard,
I figured some things should be sold in the store..after all that is why
 we went on the buying trip in the first place. LOL

This is a 5 gallon salt glaze jug.
Now some of you may be thinking,
What the heck are those dark blobs all over this jug?
Since you asked, I will tell you. :-)
These are called turkey droppings.
Many crocks were placed into kilns to be fired at one time.
Some of these crocks were placed underneath other crocks.
In the kiln, the glaze would sometimes drop onto the crocks below,
and thus you would get these drippings that would harden into the crocks.
These drip marks are called turkey droppings.
To collectors of salt glaze crocks,
these are more highly desirable as they are one of a kind crocks.
the one we purchased has a total of 7 turkey droppings all around.
5 that you can see, and two by the handle.
Isn't this an awesome piece?
I should have kept it....maybe I can sneak it out of the store.
What do you think?

Ok, next up Friday Fun Facts and them some more pics.

1. Pinball use to be illegal in the 1930's.
I loved playing pinball in the 70's.

2.  Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
Maybe that's why the men from Mars do not understand us. LOL

3. The reason why people do not wake up when their house
 is on fire is because our sense of smell is turned off during sleep.
Another reason to install smoke detectors.

4.  Founder of Hershey's chocolate, Milton Hershey & Kitty his wife
had tickets to sail the Titanic.
They did not make the trip as Kitty became sick the day Titanic left port.
I for one am glad Kitty was sick that day.

5. Clint Eastwood to a career break from making Westerns
because he was allergic to horses.
I loved watching him on Rawhide as Rowdy. now I am showing my age.

6. A human in space without a space suit can only survive 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
I never want to be the one to try that theory out...
afraid of heights.  :-)

7. In Finland, Norway Puerto Rico and Japan,
the Check Mark is actually used for an incorrect answer.
Geez, I would have made straight A's in my Math Classes 
instead of C's and D's.
I hated Math..but loved Art and History.

Lastly, below are a few more pics of the goodies we bought.

1800 Red Dry Painted Wood Bowl

Apple Basket

Early Wood Well Bucket

There is still more to show for another day.

Spring Blessings to all.
However here in Michigan it has been more like Summer in the mid 80's.


  1. Yes, keep the jug, it is wonderful, you can sell it later if you get tired of it, but how could you tire of such a great piece. (can you tell I collect them)anyway it is neat as your other items.

  2. Hello Janice, ya, I agree, keep the jug. Love the old red bowl!! Great Friday fun facts, so many things I did not know. Wishing you and yours a great Memorial Day weekend, have fun. Blessings Francine.

  3. Good Morning Janice, You and Bob sure know where to go shopping. Love the jug. Never knew about the turkey drippings. I would want to keep all you find. Love visiting with you. So imformative and I learn so much. Have a great weekend.

  4. I love all the pieces you bought especially that jug. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I gotta have that jug and the apple basket. Really - you find the most awesome pieces....

    But you have me confused.....check marks being used to mark incorrect answers is strange? That's how it's supposed to be, isn't it? Oh Lordy - now you have me thinking I've been grading my students' papers all wrong, because I always mark their incorrect answers with a check mark.....(You know you're gonna have me up all night now and then some with worry....) :o Robin


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