Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Having A Flashback

Back in the 80's...1980's that is.
Even though I love the 1880's.
I was crazy into cross stitch.
It seemed I had more time to dabble in it than now.

I have always held a special place for bunnies in my decor.
This framed piece resides on the side of our fireplace.

H= Carrots
A= Celery and a Beet
R= Asparagus
E= Onions

Next the plastic canvas craze came out.
Do any of you remember working on those projects...
Having plastic pieces in your chair or couch and the floor.
What a flashback that is.
Magnets, tissue covers, Christmas!
Ok..I have now slapped myself back into reality. LOL

This framed piece is actually one of those plastic canvas projects.
(Sorry for the pic...many background images)
I created this using 10 hole plastic canvas with 2 ply yarn.
This hangs by our front door.

Which brings me to this.
I am going to attempt to work on another cross stitch piece.
A small one to start.
Using 32 ct linen and these colors.
Any clues as to what I might be making?

Spring Blessings to all


  1. Could it be Americana or flowers? Glad you got your flower, we just got some sunflowers in today by the same gal. I love her work, she is our rug hooking instructor. Have a great week and weekend and hope you're feeling better, Dawn

  2. Hi Janice, love the cross stitch hare,really cute. Glad you are getting back to feeling better, Blessings Francine.

  3. Cross stitch! Me too Janice. My eyes can't focus enough now though! I still buy lots of floss, but for prim stitching! Can't wait to see what you create ~*~Lisa

  4. Love your older stitching but you know.... I'm hoping this is a sampler! Can't wait to see it! Will you work in hand, wioops hoop, q-snaps or my favorite, scroll rods?

  5. Ummmmm....could it be the strawberry sampler by Primitive Betty?? ;o) Sorry - should have done my catch-up from the bottom up.... I was nutty crazy over cross-stitch in the 80's too....Every spare moment....Then I got married, started my career, and had a child and when I finally found time to pick it up again, I couldn't see to stitch any more....(well, that, and I fell in love with linen....) I still take on a few projects here and there, but oh how they test me....Have fun! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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