Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

As I sit here and write these facts Thursday night,
I keep making Bob turn the tv to the weather radar.
They are predicting 5 to 8 inches in our county.
However some of us along the river will get 8 to 10
with thunder snow included.
We will have to wait and see I guess...

1. Coca-Cola translated to Chinese means "To make mouth Happy".
I use to be addicted to I drink iced tea to be more healthy

2. The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas washes 15,000 pillowcases daily. glad I do not have to do that laundry

3. If you lined up every Slinky toy in a row that was ever made, 
they would wrap around the Earth 126 times.
That's a lot of slinkys

4. The 2 steps at the top and the 2 steps at the bottom of a staircase
 are the most dangerous.
I have to agree with that one...
Seems like I am always tripping at either the top or the bottom.
Call me a KLUTZ  

5. McDonalds distributes more toys per year than Toys R Us. 
That sure is a lot of Happy Meals...

Well that does it for another week of facts. 
Right now the radar has rain heading our way,
with ice behind it, and snow behind that.

Prim Blessings everyone,


  1. Hope your Friday is just rain. Thanks for the fun facts, I always learn something.

  2. Love your fun facts Janice. I agree with the stairs one. I fell while at my friends a few weeks back. I missed the bottom step. Was bummed up a bit but thankful I didn't break a bone. I was so embarrassed. Stay warm and be safe with your weather approaching. We are now under a tornado watch here. It was 69 when we woke this morning.

    1. Here I was whining about the snow...would rather have that than a tornado. Hope none comes your way Angela.

  3. I am a major coke addict. LOL! Love your fun facts each week. So interesting. Enjoy your snow!

  4. I hope you didn't have that much snow. I've almost forgotten what its like. I haven't seen the white stuff in a long time.Ellie


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