Friday, February 3, 2012

The Curry Comb

Although I was only seven years old when my grampa H passed on,
I have many good memories of him.
Here are a few.

He let me walk out into the pasture in the morning and evening
to round up the cows and I always rode the lead cow into the barn.

Grampa would carry me piggyback upstairs to bed in the farmhouse.

He loved mixing fresh cream with vinegar and dipping gramma's
 homemade bread into his concoction...yuk

Now, one of my most fondest memories is that of the curry comb.
For those of you that do not know what this is... here is a pic.

Curry combs are used to brush horses and Grampa H had
two strawberry roans on his dairy farm.

These roans were working horses; not for riding.

Grampa did curry comb the roans,
However he also had one for himself.
Yes, you heard me right.
Whichever grand kid was around at the time
had the pleasure of using the curry comb right on my grampa.

Grampa would sit in his big comfy chair after supper
and one of us would stand on a bench behind that chair,
and curry comb his back.

He loved getting his back scratched with that curry comb,
even telling us to do it harder...
and we enjoyed doing it!
Us cousins would even fight to to be able to do it,
that was how much we enjoyed it.

I do not remember what happened to that curry comb.
It was my sister who reminded me of it the other day.
She was only 2 when our grampa passed,
so for her to remember scratching his back,
it must have been memorable.

Does anyone else have a memory they would like to share
about one of their grandfathers?
I would love to hear some of your memories!

Valentine Blessings


  1. What a sweet story! I remember my Papa sitting under their huge shade tree and watching me ride my "bike" around their yard. I can still see his smile as he watched me ride. I also have a fond memory of being in his workshop with him as he hammered and worked. He had a wood burning stove that he used to heat the shop and he would let me "poke" it with scrap pieces of wood. I always will remember that wonderful smell.

  2. What a sweet post. My grandfather carried the mail in Amish country and would take "riders" from Post Office to Post Office. They would tip him and when I went on the mail route with him He always gave me the tips. I could write a book about my Grandpa and our memories. Thank you for this

  3. What a great story! Just wanted to let you know that the shop is open Wed through Sat from 10-5, but tomorrow we are having a Women's Superbowl Party from noon until 5. LOTS of new goodies and fun events planned. Hope to finally meet one of these days, Dawn

  4. Janice, Thanks for visit my blog and leave a sweet comment. Great story ! I enjoyed so much your blog today. Your Christmas and Valentine decor are beautiful. I know that if you made the Challenge your antique post will be awesome. You have amazing pieces. Hugs, Eve

  5. My first visit to your blog, but not my last! I had the BEST Grandpa, and lots of memories. I remember the smell of him...a combination of Bond Street pipe tobacco and Old Spice after shave. He was a milkman ..delivering in an old white truck, taking me with him now and then. He moved in with my parents and us kids after Grandma died. Every two days he would walk to the library and come home with an armload of books to read, which he did avidly, while sitting in his leather chair. He told me stories of my ancestors, took me on day trips up the Hudson River (NY) or across the Long Island Sound to Connecticut, with more ancestor stories. And...he made HUGE 'griddle cakes' (pancakes) in an old cast iron frying pan. Oh! And nobody makes tuna salad the way my Grandpa did! I could go on all day, but let me finish by saying that someone on Facebook started a thread with a memory of my grandfather, and so many jumped in with loving memories of him. I've collected them, and will add them to my scrapbook pages about him!


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