Friday, December 2, 2011

Prelude to a coming year

Well I hope not.
Yesterday my day did not start off very well.
Let me set the scenario.
We have a 2  1/2 car garage that is full of antiques.
That means we park our vehicles outside.
Now that is alright for most of the year except the Winter months.

With that being said,
I walked out of the house to go to work and it was snowing.
So I went back inside the house to put my boots on.
Walked out the door and forgot my shoes,
so I had to go back in to get them.

Now I realize it is not only snowing, but there is also ice all over the car windows.
After I start the car to warm it up, I start looking for the scraper
to clean off the ice from the windows.
So here I am in the dark looking for my scraper in the trunk and back seat.
I finally find the scraper and do the windows and get back in the car to drive to work.

I put my lights on and put the car in reverse and notice that I forgot
to scrape the driver's side window.
Had to stop the car, get back outside,
grab the scraper once again and scrape that window so I could see to drive.

10 minutes into my drive I realize my lunch is in the refrigerator.
Well, I did not want to go back, so I decided I would just
grab breakfast at a fast food joint and skip lunch...

Then I remember I had given Bob the last of my money the night before,
but knew there was a bank up ahead where I could grab some money from the ATM.

Wouldn't you know, I got into singing a Christmas song on the radio
and passed up the bank....and driving along the river there are not many places where you can just turn around...this is just not my day. 

So about a half mile down the road, I was able to turn around, 
grab some money, and get me some breakfast to eat at my desk.

Finally got to work and the elevator was down.
Had to walk up to the 4th floor...
and of course once I went to eat my food, it was the wrong order.
Hopefully this is not a prelude to a coming year since today is


Yes today is the day of all days.
The day I am going to announce the winner of my secret
birthday giveaway.

But first, let me tell you another short story.
You see I have an aunt who was born on Dec 1st. I was born on the 2nd.
Gramma H was born on Dec 4th and another aunt on the 4th.
When I was 10 years old, another aunt of mine was due to have a baby.
Her due date was the first week know...December.

Of course my two other aunts and gramma were taking bets on whose birthday the new baby would be born on, and I did not care when it was long as it was NOT on my birthday. As luck would have it, Christopher (Chris) was born on my birthday...
and at the time, I was not a happy camper having to share my birthday with a cousin.

I have outgrown that jealousy, and it seems there are others who also enjoy this day too..from the comments I received.

Therefore since I also have a cousin who shares my birthday,
I have decided to draw 2 names for the secret birthday giveaway.

Here goes ~~~~
I put all the names in a hat, 
 giving those who posted the giveaway on their blog more chances

The first winner is:

Oh no...This really pains me,
cause this lady is the most luckiest person in blogland that I know of. LOL
My first winner is

Robin from "The Cranky Crow"

Next name please....
OK, let's see...who can it be?
Winner number two is:

Jen from "Jennifer768"

Congratulations Robin and Jen.
Send me an email with your address and I will ship out your surprises.

Michele is spending the weekend with us.
For my birthday, had a great dinner of ribs, garlic mashed potatoes,
corn and mac ~n~ cheese with jalapenos... oh and of course the strawberry margarita was good too! Also got embarrassed when the entire waitstaff sang
Happy Birthday to me ~~~thank you Michele for telling them.

Good night everyone.
Christmas Blessings to all.


  1. Happy birthday! Well, at least it wasn't a boring day! Sorry the day didn't go that swell. But your dinner sounds yummy!

    Congrats to Robin and Jen for winning!

  2. Happy, happy, birthday Janice!!! Yikes - you sound like you're having one of MY days...see, outside of Blogland, I'm absolutely, positively, one of the most UNLUCKY persons you'll ever find....But, here in Blogland, all I have to say is WOO HOO, YIPPEE!!! I'm so STINKING happy!!! THANK YOU!!! I'm off to email you my addy....But going to do my outdoor happy dance first as they're saying we're supposed to get a mittful of snow starting tonight and I don't want to wait until tomorrow....Thank you again...(But, really, it "pained" you?? Awww....that makes me sad.... ;o))Wishing you a wonderful weekend....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Happy Birthday! Sorry about the bad day! Hope things turn around for you soon!

  4. Ooopsss....forgot my manners - thankfully that cold air brought me to my senses - Congratulations to Jen to for being a lucky winner....and Thank you, Janice, truly, for hostessing a fun, fun, giveaway.....Yea!! :o) Robin

  5. First of all, Happy Happy Birthday to You!!! Enjoyed the family history as well : ) I got a good laugh out of your drive to work because if I didn't know any better I'd swear it was something I would've written ... lol! We all have "those days" now & again : ) Congratulations to Robin & Jen ...two very nice ladies : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  6. Well, I hope you had a great birthday, even after that awful start to your day! Dinner sounded good!
    Congrats to the winners and thanks for hosting.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  7. Congrats to the winners. Thank you for hosting such a nice giveaway.
    Country at heart

  8. Congrats Ladies!Happy Bday Janice! Sounds like days I have had~ hope it's not a prelude to your coming year.
    Thank you for hosting this special giveaway and sharing your bday with us.
    Happy Holidays,

  9. Congrats the girls~ thanks for a generous giveaway~

  10. Happy birthday! My lovely daughter Dana was born on the 2nd also. Your year will be wonderful.


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