Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Montage

Another Monday
Which means

Monday Montage.
Today's feature is coffee pots, milk containers
and one lil ole teapot.

A green rim cream enamel coffee pot.

My favorite!
 The pattern on this granite beauty is called snow on the mountain.

A pretty blue enamel one.

A Pyrex percolator.
All the rage in the 1950's

A blue spatter ware one.
Can you tell I like blue. LOL

Now this blue one reminds of one that a cook would use during the cowboy roundups.

This one is gray.
I know my gramma used one similar to this on her cook stove.
Can you imagine our fore mothers having to make coffee
using these kettles?
To think we have these Keurig coffee makers that will brew any flavor
 under the sun for us now..

Blue rim white enamel milk pail.

A blue enamel milk pail.

An old gray granite milk pail.
Which reminds me growing up in town
 before my parents built their house in the country.
We had a milkman who would deliver fresh milk to use daily
and he would drop it off in our milk chute
which was a two way little door off of the side of our house.
Did anyone ever have a milkman deliver milk to them?

Lastly, this darling little blue rim enamel teapot.
The shape of this reminds me of the teapot in the
Beauty and the Beast movie.

That does it for this week.
Tomorrow is the last day for my
"Name my favorite Christmas Carol Giveaway".

Christmas Blessings everyone.


  1. Wonderful collection of enamel favorites, though, are the milk pails. Have a milkman??? Ummmm - yeah - the kind that drove a big truck to pick up the milk from our cows to take to city folks like you!! ;o) Happy, happy, Monday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. What an awesome collection of enamel ware!!!
    I don't think I could pick a favorite one!
    When I was younger a friend of mine had a milk chute in there house ~ I thought it was the coolest thing!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  3. I am drooling over that enamelware!! I have never seen the milk pails before, those are such cuties!!


  4. I love enamel ware. My favoritebis a double boiler that I use.
    We had an aluminum insulated box on our front stoop that the milkman put the glass milk jugs into. My Mom was always happy if there was a layer of cream on top of the milk. She would scoop it out for her coffee.


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