Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Work Work Work

Bob and I have been working...
packing up goodies for our antique show this weekend.
Then I go home and work some more on Christmas goodies for the store.
All this work is pooping me out...but the results are fun to look at!

I made these tiny blue knit stockings.
But I am not sure if I should add a candy cane inside,
add a sprig of holly, or some pine,
or just leave well enough alone.
What do you all think?

Decisions ~ Decisions ~ Decisions

Then I have this big ole Santa

Head...made from stained Onasburg and aged red flannel.
Plus I have been working on a wreath.
My brother had two huge plain pine wreaths laying around in his basement
 so he decided to give them to Bob and I for our store.

Not sure if it needs more ooompfh...
The middle has to stay open as this will be put in our window
and the center of the wreath will surround our store name.
Its hard to tell in this pic, but the colors are red and gold
and I added some huge Florida pine cones that I picked up years ago.
That little bit of white between our door and wreath is Ace our kitten.
His job is to inspect everything!
So what do you think ladies...I think it needs something else for that WOW factor?
I will be adding lights, but do you think it needs something else?

Oh and then I made this prim dirty snowman.

With his stove pipe hat and antique blue tick scarf.

However Houston we have a problem.
I did not check my inventory when I added that rusty snowflake,
as that is the only one I have left...not sure if I can get some more in on time.

So I leave you all to go to bed for some much needed rest....
unfortunately little Ace will wake me up to kisses on my face at 4 in the morning.
I have to get up at 6...and I am hoping soon he will sleep through the night
like his other brothers do. I swear its like having another child...LOL

Harvest Blessings to you all



  1. O Janice love all the creations your snowmen are too cute! sorry Ace wont leave ya be im so glad Fudge is finally out growing that , I so wasnt into the 3 am wake up calls gettin too old for it ! have a great week ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  2. nice stuff, I would add something to the wreath

  3. Love all you have been crafting. The little stockings are too sweet. Wishing you goot luck at your show this weekend,\. Take pictures to share with us.

  4. Love your new hand-did's Janice - those little stockings are adorable...if were me, I'd put a bit of Sweet Annie in them and a candy cane. As for the wreath, yeah, I think it needs something too - unfortunately, I'm not sure what...maybe a larger, poofier, bow with bigger streamers??? Sure you'll come up with something! Good luck with the show!! Smiles & Wednesday Hugs ~ Robin


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