Thursday, November 10, 2011

All About Me from A to Z and a few show pics

Alright I know I"m way behind on this one as many of you have already posted your A to Zs.
Better late than never.
If you all know, this time of year is really crazy for me.
I even have a craft show this weekend that I do with my sister, in which I have hardly anything made. Therefore she will have lots more table space.
Any hoot, here is my alphabet.

A. Age: 52
B. Back Porch Antiques is the name of our store
C. Crafter ~ Been crafting since I was 22
D. Daughter ~ Michele who is 30
E. Estate Sales ~ love the hunt!
F. Fireplace ~ great for roasting marshmallows or even hot dogs with the grandchildren
G. Grandchildren ~ speaking of which ~ Micheal (8) and Mikayla (3)
H. History ~ majored in history in High School...maybe that's why I became an a antique  collector and dealer. LOL
I. Ideal home would be on a 20 acre farm with enough money to build my gramma Husson's farmhouse..which I have embedded in my brain.
J. Jolly ~ I am a pretty easy going jolly type person 98% of the time. It takes a lot for me to get riled up and mad, but when I do, you do not want to see that 2% of meanness I have.
K. Kitchen ~ The heart of our home
L. Loving husband named Bob
M. Magazines ~ I am a magazine freak..let's just leave it at that. LOL
N. Never a dull moment in my life
O. Outdoors ~ love being outside in the Summer on our it May yet?
P. Prims ~ love finding early pieces for both our home and store
Q. Quilts ~ they just have so much character
R. River ~ live near the mighty St. Clair river which borders Michigan and Canada
S. Son ~ Matthew who is 27
T. TV ~ my favs are Pan Am, House and Grey's Anatomy to name a few
U. University ~ started out with a scholarship in Art to majoring in Business Management.
     I did not want to be a starving artist. 
V. Vacations ~ Ours are based on where we can go on a buying trip. Bob and I both love   shopping for ourselves, the store and our customers!
W. Winter Wonderland ~ I love being home decorating or making Christmas cookies with the snow falling outside. Really puts me in the mood..after Christmas it can go away...
X. Xtra time ~ never enough
Y. Yellow ware ~ love all yellow ware
Z. Zoo ~ When my kids were little our house felt like a zoo at times. Goldfish, hamsters, cats, dog, bunny, and even a turtle..if we had more property, they probably would have talked me into a pony or horse too... however zoning laws for ponies and horses were 5 acres for each. Whew, we only had an it was easy to say no on that one. I blamed our township officials, so I did not look like the bad mom.

Well there you have it. You all know a little bit more of me.
Feel free to complete your own little All About Me from A to Z.
Let me know you did, so I can find out a little more about all of my blogging sisters.

Now for a few show pics.
These are just vintage Christmas items that were for sale

I almost bought the paper mache Santa...but found something better that I wanted
Show you in another post
The tree was not old but the ornaments were.

More vintage goodies!

I believe everyone in the 1950's had this tree stand..
I have one like this and also a green one.

Plus I'm sure most of you remember these.
I was going to buy this one as it was musical too, but I forgot to
and it sold when I got back to the booth it was in.

Hope you enjoyed the pics of Christmas past.

Harvest Blessings everyone


  1. Great A-Z's Janice....Guess there wasn't a whole lot there that surprised me....except I haven't entirely figured out the "K" being the heart of your home....not another scavenger hunt clue, is it??? ;o) Love the Santa and the snowman in that first photo!! Fun stuff....can't wait to see what you actually brought home! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Thanks for having my back Robin. My letter K was suppose to be the kitchen, not a scavenger hunt clue. LOL...but maybe I should do one for Christmas. What do you think?

  3. Thanks for sharing your A-Z Janice! Love your show pics...vintage Christmas - how can it not touch your heart! ~*~Lisa


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