Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings

I do not normally talk about serious personal stuff that happens in my life.
I try to keep this blog more about primitive antiques and prim crafts.
However tomorrow at our Thanksgiving dinner,
it will not be the same.

My daughter has been going through
 a bitter divorce ever since Spring.
Because of this, it has even been quite awhile since I have been able
to have my grandchildren over....months and it is driving me crazy.

Now my daughter tells me that she has to work tomorrow
at one of the major chain stores in our area.
Yes, she works retail.
So now I get a double whammy.
Michele will not be with us for thanksgiving and neither will
our grandchildren.

So tomorrow, I wish everyone
A Happy Thanksgiving
and cherish all the moments you can with family,
because sometimes life throws you a big curve ball.

Eat lots of turkey, ham, prime rib or
whatever your tradition is.
Speaking of traditions,
 I would love to know what your thanksgiving dinner consists of,
and how you plan on spending it.
It would be nice to find out how everyone across this fine country
celebrates their thanksgiving.

Ours is turkey with all of the trimmings.
With every vegetable you can imagine.
My mom also makes homemade dinner rolls
 that are about 6 inches high and really good!

Well enough of my gibberish.
Next week stay tuned for my Christmas giveaway.

Take care and
Thanksgiving Blessings to everyone!


  1. Janice,

    I am sorry there will be such a huge whole are your Thanksgiving table...Still wishing you the best Thanksgiving it can be... And...those stupid retail stores, that seems forget there are families missing loved ones for a buck! OLM

  2. Janice ~ Sorry you'll be missing the grand children tomorrow.I was talking to hubby today about how traditions are no longer valued it's the big push and shove rush of who gets what.I think Christmas,Thanksgiving and Easter stores should be closed.People should be with loved ones not shopping.Enjoy your feast tomorrow and keep them all in your thoughts.We'll be having dinner at home.Hubby's family is coming.He always makes turkey with all the trimmings.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Janice I know what you mean and I feel your pain...but you know my invites still stands. We would love to have you. Dinner is at 4:00.
    Turkey breast, pork roast, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and rolls. Also spinich casserole and corn casserole which are recipes from the new Simple Cooking book. Pumpkin pie for dessert.
    blessings for you both

  4. Awww Janice - that truly stinks - I am so sorry. Your heart must be aching....I can't imagine having grands and not being able to see them - and now not even your daughter. I agree with Amy - stores shouldn't be open on holidays. Really - there's something you couldn't buy the day before or the day after? Anyway...Our family is very traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving....Here's the menu since you asked: Roasted turkey (x2) with homemade dressing; mashed potatoes and gravy; baked/mashed squash; cranberry relish & salad; green been casserole; homemade squash rolls; and pies (pecan; apple; pumpkin and rhubarb)for dessert....Dressing is made and turkeys are stuffed....Hope I hear the alarm when it goes off....Wishing peace - hopefully Christmas will bring you brighter joys my friend....Hugs & Blessings ~ Robin

  5. I'm so sorry Janice. There is also a hole at our table this year without my Dad. I hope you are able to enjoy this Thanksgiving day and still be able to count your blessings. Dawn

  6. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving despite the sad things going on right now. I hope things resolve very soon.

    We had family over for the first time. Hubby cooked a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, brussel sprouts with bacon, gravy, and crescent rolls. I made an apple pie and a pumpkin pie.


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