Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Montage

Hello Ladies, What a nice weekend we had here in Michigan!
Bob and I had friends over on Saturday night.
Dinner consisted of pizza and beer on the dock.
Then Bob built us a nice bonfire and we drank a few more beers 
while watching the stars come out and we all enjoyed a perfect Autumn evening.
Even saw a few freighters go by.

For those of you waiting for the winner of the Halloween scavenger hunt, I am going to make you wait one more day...I know; I said October 10th,
but I forgot today was Monday Montage.
Tomorrow night I will announce the winner, as I want to devote that as one post....

...PS That final clue was just a Halloween Prank by me!
It really was not a clue, but it was amusing to see you all post pictures of what
you thought the answer was, so BRAVO to you all.

Well on to today's montage.
Today I am featuring a few dolls. 

Early 1900 Wood Peg Doll

A Vintage Island Doll

1940's Composition Doll

French Composition Doll

Even though this is not a doll, I wanted to show you this cute little guy.
1920 French Mohair Teddy

This last doll is my favorite.

Circa 1871
Wax Head Doll

Who at one time was very much loved by this little girl.

The little girl lived in this fine house.
(That is not a ghost in the doorway.)
It's the little girls momma dressed in a winter outfit.

Well that does it for another Monday Montage.
Come back tomorrow when I reveal the winner
of the Scavenger Hunt.

It is between the four ladies who were posting their pics almost daily.

Autumn Blessings Everyone!



  1. Janice , you got us all way to go ! lol I love all your dollies especially that wax head and that lil teddy is divine ! Glad you had a great weekend , I could use pizza fire and a beer or three bout now ! Have a great evening ! hugs lilraggedyangie PS i think Patti should win specially since we were so hard on her lol

  2. I know you're a girl after my own heart...dolls...glorious, wonderful, dolls....I keep trying to resist, and they keep talking me into to taking them home. I have a whole collection of Grodnertals and other peg dolls - and yours is exquisite....Is that her original clothing? But oh - don't know who is pulling harder at my heart strings - that French mohair teddy or the wax head beauty....And wonderful photos - are those your grandmother or someone you're related too??? How cool is that?!!

    And re the scavenger hunt...WHEW! So glad you finally clued us in on the last clue and didn't make us wait until manana....That tequila WAS making me crazy!! ;o) You gave us loads and loads of fun Janice - I don't even really CARE who least tonight I can sleep! ;o)

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Janice~Im glad you had a good time Saturday night. It sounds like a perfect Autumn evening.
    I have never seen a waxed head doll before. She is really neat looking. I would have to say my favorite one is the 1940's Composition Doll. She is just so beautiful.
    I think clue 10 about drove me nuts. I was having so many doubts. Im sure you had a blast teasing us with that last
    Thanks for all the fun and a special thanks to Angie for the sweet suggestion.

    Prim Hugs,

  4. Beautiful montage! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Jen

  5. The wax head doll with history.Unbelievable! What a wonderful treasure.Warm Blessings!~Amy


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