Sunday, October 2, 2011

Clue #5 Scavenger Halloween Giveaway

So dinner last night with mom was good. Great meals and good conversation. Its hard to believe that my mom is 77, cause she is on the go so much...but that's a good thing cause it keeps her going! My mom had grilled salmon, Bob decided on Prime Rib and I ventured out and had Surf, Turf and Earth. Skewered Shrimp with a sirloin steak and some crab stuffed mushrooms. It was deeelicious!

This weekend was  a great one to be a Michigan fan. Our Detroit Tigers beat the Yankees, our Detroit Lions beat Dallas, the University of Michigan (our Wolverines) put the smack down on Minnesota, and lets not forget our Michigan State Spartans who also BEAT those Ohio State whatever they are called....buckwheat's I believe....LOL to Lil Angie.

So on to the next clue ladies...are you ready....I said ARE YOU READY????

Clue #5

You will find me Riding
Without my Noggin
Tho being on a Horse
Sure beats Joggin'

Once again we have all four ladies in the running for these items.
Good luck again and let the games begin!

Take care,
Autumn Blessings



  1. Looks like Im the
    I have my picture posted!

    Prim Blessings,


  3. Janice, So glad you have had a great weekend and enjoyed time with your Mom. You are so blessed she is healthy and able to stay busy. And that food sounded yummy. I have not joined in on this giveaway but I think I am enjoying the post from these ladies as much as you. They are too funny. Hats off to all you gals working so hard. Thanks Janice and have a great evening.

  4. Mine's up Janice! Way to go Patti ~ you beat the crow & lil raggedy tonight! lol

    I'm glad you had a good dinner with your mom! :O)

  5. And, bringing up the'd be me....It's up!!! :o) Glad you enjoyed your time with your mom....Wishing you a great (and buckwheat-less) week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin ;o)

  6. Hi, first time visitor and won't be the last. Love the idea of the scavenger hunt, what fun!


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