Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All Hallow's Eve

It was a dark rainy windy night driving home tonight, with the wind blowing the leaves into the road in all different directions. Driving along our mighty river can be a challenge especially on these types of nights where there are no lights on the road except for a car headlight or two. Even the river itself is eerie and dark, unless a freighter is out there. 

As I was driving home it reminded me of a story my dad had told me about a Halloween prank he and his older brother did once. My dad grew up in the time when Halloween was in its infancy, and Devil's night began as a tradition of pranking others...not burning houses down...they had fun just fooling people.

Let me set the scenario for you all. You see my paternal grandparents owned a 350 acre dairy farm and my grandfather's brother  (uncle Billy) owned another 350 acres across the dirt road from my grandparents farm where he raised sheep.

Well one Devil's night, my dad and his older brother Ken decided to play a trick on their uncle Billy. Some folks try to tip cows, but my dad and uncle wanted to tip over an outhouse. So they traipsed over to their Uncle Billy's farm and tipped over his outhouse. Well, unfortunately their trickery ended up really getting them in trouble, as their Uncle Billy just happened to be inside the outhouse doing his business at the time they decided to tip it over...and since they were the only kids in the nearby vicinity, uncle Billy knew exactly where to find them boys...once he got cleaned up of course. 

Their trickery cost them a weeks worth of cleaning out the sheep they ended up literally in deep do do, if you know what I mean. 

My dad always laughed when he told this story..with the moral of this prank being "Do not go about tipping over outhouses as you might find yourself in deep you know what in the end"!

So tell me ladies, do any of you have any Devil's night pranks that you may have done. I would love to hear about them.

Remember it is only 10 days (nights) away!

Wicked Blessings, Janice 


  1. Oh that is too funny!! I wish I had some pranking stories to share ~ the most we ever did around here was toliet papering each other's houses. Pretty boring! lol

  2. yea Im not exciting either Janice but an outhouse tippin could be fun , Im sure I partook in a few shenanigans but I either cant remember or choose not too:0) is there a statute of limitations on pranks? lol Have a great evening !hugs lilraggedyangie

  3. I was pretty boring too but years ago I remember being told by my parents that a bunch of teenage boys went around the neighborhood doing something similar. They collected all the outhouses in the area and carried them up the street and lined them all along the highway where everyone would see them as they drove by. I often wondered what people thought when they saw their's sitting out where anyone could use them lol.

  4. I refuse to answer that on the grounds of self-incrimination..... ;o) But in later years, I've attempted some atonements of sort and have been known to "Boo" a few folks (sort of a Halloween version of Ding Dong Ditch - you put a little bag of Halloween treats together, sneak up to someone's house and leave it on their doorstep with a note saying they've been Boo'd...some of the stores even carried "Boo bags" for awhile....) Out in the boonies like we are, it can make for some adventurous fun....Loved your story....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. I have been boring most of my life so no interesting pranks to tell.LOL!Loved the story though and thank you for sharing it.Hugs,Jen


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