Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Montage

Well all, what a surprise to find out that I have reached
I will do the drawing later tonight and post
 tomorrow night the winner.
Thank you everyone!

Now for Monday Montage, here are a few pics of some of the items we were able to find on our lion hunt. LOL

Let's put it this way...we could not have fit another item in our van even if we wanted to...which is a good thing!

Now I only have a few pics as we have not unloaded much of the van as of here is a few.

Circa 1870 one board top and sides pie safe with original tins.
Now available at our store.

Cute child's dress that I am keeping.

I finally bought myself a blanket crane.

Pomegranate potpourri, Halloween candles and a salesman's sample of an ice cream maker.

A prim kite winder...I am definitely keeping this one too!

Another pie safe that we are selling in the store.
Colors go well for primitive lovers, or romantic country.

I have always wanted one of these wired candle holders...finally found one!

Well that does it for the goodies we were able to take out of the van.
More to come.

Thank you again for my 100 followers...woohoo!!!
Results tomorrow

PS. for those of you who watch the American Pickers,
Bob and I think tonight's episode is were they filmed in our neck of the woods.
I will let you all know tomorrow if in fact it was.

Take care everyone
and I will try to catch up on everyone's blogs this week.



  1. Congrats. on 100 followers. I love all the goodies you have shown us so far. Love the little salesman's sample of the old ice cream freezer. Such good memories from an old green wooden one my parents used when I was a little girl. I am still waiting on my blanket crane from Mr. P's wood shop. Love the old pie safe with the tin inserts oh heck, love it all. Thanks for sharing with us. Pickers is Mr. P's favorite show so will definitely be watching. Take care and have a great week

  2. I wanna go lion huntin' with you Miss Janice!! Holy yikes!! Great haul!!! LOVE that pie safe to pieces! And rats - just missed Pickers - I see it EVERY Monday - but life got in the way this Monday....Congrats on 103 followers!! Woo Hoo!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Lion huntin ...hmmm I WANNA GO !!! Droolin on the pie safe w/the tins shoot on all your goodies , you are just bound and determined to kill me yet arent you? lol the blogs will read lil raggedy angie pigtails fried to a frizzle , smile on her face passed away this evening in prim envy licking her laptop screen while visiting JANICE !!! LOL LOVE IT ALL , YOU GET TIRED OF THEM GOODIES , JUST DRIVE SOUTH AND PM ME ILL GET YA DIRECTIONS TO THE DOOR SHOOT ILL EVEN FIND HELP TO UNLOAD THE VAN ! :0) HAVE A GREAT WEEK HUGS LILRAGGEDYANGIE

  4. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! I really need to come back to Michigan ... lol! Since you talked about going over the bridge I'm assuming you found that stuff in the UP? I never found ANYTHING when I lived there! Blessings, Shirlee


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