Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last but not Least

More pics, but these are not as prim as the others...
We also have customers who are not into prims...
Can you believe it?? could you not love prims!!!

We actually have a lady who comes in at least twice a week.
 She buys movie props for the
 HBO show Boardwalk Empire and now she is buying
props for the new Pan Am show that is coming out this Fall.
Then we also have these ladies who come over from
Toronto Canada and purchase items for the theater  production of OZ.

So we must have more than just prims in our store....
Anyway, I can be long winded at times. LOL

Here are the pics.

On Friday, one of our customers actually sat in the chair and started reading the book we had left on the table. She was tired of walking and her friends wanted to continue shopping. She told Bob this area felt so cozy that she forgot she was in an antique store...
Now that is a compliment!

1880 painting (The Storm)

I really do love this Victorian Era Mirror though.

Do you see the prim item to the right of this picture...

An early farm hand bed...We just brought this in...and it is a prim!!!

I fibbed...we have a few more prims to show you all. LOL

We are not sure if this is a Windsor chair or not.
It is an old one.
Any guesses ladies?

An early wood wheelbarrow.
Wouldn't this look great on your porch filled with pumpkins!

Hiding between our counter and another vendors booth is a brown chippy paint dresser.
We have 19 vendors in our store. Each specializing in different things.

Wagon wheels do not stay in the store long...we just brought in two more.

Well that's it for the Fall tour.

Oh I keep forgetting to tell you this.

I named this doll
Miss Sadie Pumpkin Polly.
Thank you everyone for giving me names.
It was hard to choose, so I let Bob choose from the names...
He picked between Tina at Tina's Primitive Attic and
Vicky from Green Creek Primitives

Now its time to start my fall decor in our house...

Take care everyone,


  1. It looks like you have a great mix of items in your store - and you obviously have some wonderful things if so many come to you for movie props! Cool beans!! I'm loving that bed and the little chair....oh - and the wheelbarrow....guess I am prim at heart after all.....Glad you found a name for your pumpkin gal....she's a sweetie that one! Hope you're having a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Like I said, I'm going to get over to your neck of the woods one of these days! How cool that people come in to buy props, you should be honored. Everything looks great! Dawn

  3. o Janice can I just move in ? cause Id hate to come visit DROOL OVER ALL THE PRETTIES AND LEAVE ! Thanks for the tour loved it makes me want a road trip up north! Hugs lil raggedy angie

  4. Janice
    So enjoyed the tour~ but I want to bring home the wood wheelbarrow~ she is a beauty!!


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