Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monday Montage

A Tisket, a Tasket.
Here are Some
Of my Baskets

This heart shaped rustic basket was hand made. I only use this for display.

This little beauty is from the late 1800's.
 I display it in between both my 2 blue slip gallon crocks.

This is a basket that the farmers would use to collect their cabbage in the fields.

This is another split wood late 1800's basket that presently is displaying a flag pillow.
This particular one is very fragile and a tad bigger than my other.
 The wood is broken on the bottom in parts, but I still love it just the same.

This vintage locker basket holds center stage next to my 5 gallon crown crock.
These geraniums in their paper bag holder fit perfectly in here.

Last but not least, a buttocks basket on the left and feather basket on the right.
My gramma B used a basket similar to this one to gather goose feathers on the farm.
The lid was needed to prevent the feathers & goose down from blowing away in the wind.
I recently purchased this basket from Amy at
Bumble Bee Lane Cottage
Thank you Amy!
I simply love it!!!

That does it for another Monday Montage.
Bob was working the flea market on his Father's Day.
I was tending the store.

Take care everyone


  1. Aha!!! So you're the one who beat me to Amy's feather basket!!! Lucky you!!! ;o) LOVE it!!! Love your other baskets too - I also have a real weakness for baskets....!! Have a wonderful Sunday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Janice, Love your bakset collection. Have to say the locker basket with the geraniums is great. Love it and the feather basket. Love that the basket was used for collecting feathers. I still have my grandmothers old feather bed she used when I was a child. Such sweet memories sleeping in those soft feathers when I was a little girl. But don't ever let her catch you leaning on the bed once it was made. It was so easy to mash in those feathers and leave an indention and she would get so upset. I never could make the bed smoothly, but my grandmother made it look just like the mattresses we use today. Thanks for the memory. Have a great day,.

  3. So glad it arrived safely and you love it.Love the old locker basket.The old metal baskets always catch me.I have a few but non displayed I might drag one out and put some of the garden bounty in it next month.Have a great week!~Amy

  4. Jancice
    Beautiful collection of baskets~ love the feather basket~ I have one on my wish list!!


  5. Janice, tryed e-mailing you but couldn't get it to go thru. Just wanted to let you know My last post was on your Liberty Peppermint sticks. Thought you might like to see them. Thanks

  6. Thanks for sharing your baskets Janice. I have my collection packed away - used to be an addiction! Have a great week ~*~Lisa


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