Sunday, June 12, 2011

Monday Montage

Well all I can say is it that it is good to be back at doing Monday Montage again with you all.
After the fridge fiasco, its been a pretty normal week around her. Bob decided to sell some of our things that have been in our garage for quite some time at the flea market today. He had to get up at 4:00 and he was not happy about it...but he did do pretty well and the store is doing great today too!

So this week for Monday Montage, I decided to take pics of some of the various contraptions I have around my house for let there be light! LOL

This is a jamb candle because you jamb it into something as I have done so here into the red moulding.
I opted for a flicker candle for this instead of a real one.

I do use reproduction period lighting in my rooms mixed in with hurricane lamps and antique lighting.

This is an antique jamb candle called a miner's lamp. Miner's would jamb these candles in the walls of mines to light their way. The hook was also used to hang where it was unable to jamb.
 There is a specific reason why I had to have this miner's lamp.

Unfortunately you cannot see the writing with this picture, but on the handle of this miner's lamp it reads;
HUSSON NOV 17 1803. This is my maiden name. It is not a very common name either, so it is quite possible, this was made by a long lost relative way back when....who knows..but I knew it had to come home to me. It was ironic that one of our fellow antique couples came to Bob and I to ask us what this particular item was, because they listed it on Ebay and was not sure if they had put it in the right category. Bob looked at it first and immediately told them that I would want it...and sure enough I ended up bidding on it on Ebay to get it....They would not have listed it if they knew it was my maiden name, but I was able to purchase it...thank the lord.

This is a make do light that Bob made for me from some barn wood and piece
 of an antique pie safe tin that had seen its better days.

This is a round grater that I use to conceal my jar candle. The glow off the walls is quite pretty.

An electric candle tucked inside one of my trenchers with some angel vine.

A hog scraper candle on an antique hooked candle mat.

Last, but not least; an early tin hurricane lamp.

Well that does it for another Monday Montage. I have many more lights
 throughout my house that I will share with you all another time.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Take care,


  1. You have some incredibly beautiful lights, Janice! I have a special affinity for early lighting - but it's hard to find and pricey! What a special piece that miner's light is with your maiden name. So, so, cool! Have a wonderful week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Wonderful lighting, Janice! I always enjoy your montage updates!

  3. Fun lighting...what a treasure to find something with your name on it....a friend was at a Goodwill once and found a mug that was from my husbands Dad's trucking business that has been gone for over 40 fun to find treasures like that...thanks for sharing!!

  4. Awesome old lighting. Ours became very handy a week ago when the electricity went off.


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