Monday, January 11, 2021

A Virtual Party

 Hello Friends!

Back on December 26th we had a virtual
baby shower for my nephew and his wife.
They drove up from North Carolina for this 
and stayed with my sister.
I actually did see them in a store parking lot
for a few minutes as I gave them their gift.
One of many.
I will be a great aunt soon.
The first time my sister will be a gramma!

 I gifted them with this baby afghan.
I crocheted it and the pattern was called
A Farmhouse Square.
Now back in the day these were called
Granny Squares.
Guess they have to change the name to appeal
to the younger generation. LOL 

Any sister told me the colors
of the baby room, which are gray and white,
so that is why it is this color.

I finished it with a few rows 
of white and a picot stitch.
(not sure why it is not straight here)

The mother to be.
This was a zoom call,
so I took a picture off my computer.
Me being sneaky. He He

You can see others on the zoom call at the top.
The proud parents to be.
Baby is due in February.
I also sent more gifts to their home.
Did not want them to have to drive
back home with a swing and more receiving blankets.
They brought their dog too, so the extra
packages were not needed at this time.

They live in the valley south of the mountains.
You can actually see the mountains 
from their home.
Bob and I have been there twice now.
They usually do not get snow, 
so Holly was very excited 
when we had a white Christmas. 

They had another shower back 
where they live on January 2nd.
This one was a drive by one for her side of the family.
My sister and BIL did drive down 
for a few days to be with them again.

Well off to work...walking to my computer.
Still working from home.

Virtual Party Blessings To All!


  1. I like that baby quilt that you made with the colors for the new baby's arrival. It looks so warm and snuggly too which is perfect for a winter baby!

    Yes, I had to get a new computer close to Christmas and when I tried to answer, I was surprised that it actually worked! Maybe having a 2020 model now, I have all the software changes that will work. I am holding my breath!

    1. Will hold my breath with you as I so enjoy your comments! Good luck with your new computer. We had an upgrade to our Windows program at the I have to figure it all out. Janice

  2. The baby afghan is lovely. To me the pattern will always be Granny Squares. lol... I wish the new mom to be a safe arrival of her baby.

    Although I still haven't subscribed to Zoom, I used Zoom with my prayer group and we have up to 100 participants that can get on at a time. It's great.

    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thank you Julia! Yes Granny squares is what I still call them too! That is a lot of folks on one call. Glad you were able to join yourself. Janice

  3. I love the colors of that afghan. That is one lucky baby with all those things to get it started.
    Happy commute to work lol

    1. Yes he or she will be spoiled for sure! I love my commute right now because I do not have to drive in the dark. Come Summer though will miss my commute along the river again. Janice

  4. I love the afghan! Yep, times have changed from the colors of my, blue, green, yellow! That's such a creative way to celebrate and stay safe and also it will be a historical event in the baby book! (Plus I'm assuming no games like other baby showers? I really don't like those! Ha!)

    1. Yes I crocheted each of my niece and nephews a pastel baby one. Even my own kids as those were the colors at that time. We did play games and had to show our answers on the computer screen...but since no food, it was a very short shower time wise. Janice

  5. I bet you are loving your commute!
    Very pretty afghan even though unusual colors for a baby's!

    1. Am loving my commute currently. Get to sleep in another hour and go to work in my pj's. Very unusual for a baby's room, but their whole home is the farmhouse look. LOL Janice

  6. Granny square now farmhouse are right about the younger generation. However, I recently had someone ask me if I had any "grandma chic?" I didn't know what it was, but it's any retro needlepoint, needlework, latch hook type of 1970's - it's a big thing I guess? Any hoot...ahahah....I love that! Your blanket is lovely.

    1. Never heard of grandma chic, but do know needlework like you stated is making a comeback. Even my daughter took up crocheting now and she NEVER wanted to learn when I wanted to teach her. Oh well. What goes around, comes around. Janice

  7. Ahhhh, your take on a tried and true pattern is beautiful...and so much more pleasing to the eye than the one I received for our wedding LOL. I love the colors and the finish on the edge adds a wonderful touch. I consider myself lucky to have escaped Zooming so far. Happy Monday ~Robin~

    1. We have Zoom meetings constantly for work. I always have to check my calendar daily for which times, so that I am not in my pj's. LOL Janice

  8. Gray and white are getting so popular for babies' rooms. Gray and yellow, also turquoise or coral and gray, too. So pretty! I had a Zoom meeting for church. I never could figure out how to make the video part turn on, so my space was just a black square with my name. But I could "talk."

    1. It seems these colors are getting popular. We have Zoom calls all of the time since working from home. Janice

  9. Now, that cracks me up -- changing the name to farmhouse square instead of granny! Really? How silly! But I do really love it and the colors will be lovely in the nursery and grow with the baby (more than the traditional pastels.)

    1. Yep, I laughed when I saw the name for this pattern. True that the baby can grow without changing the colors...unless it is a girl....then maybe pink. Janice

  10. Hi Janice,
    Love your "Granny Square" afghan! I guess changing the name makes it sound more current with the whole farmhouse phase! It is very pretty and I'm sure they will love it!! My hubby is an online professor so he is always using zoom!! Who would have thought that the Brady Bunch started it all???
    Glad your trip to work is just across the room!!!
    Take care and enjoy your week!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Yes I already saw a pic of where she placed it in the baby's room. Loos great for guessing on what gray to choose. Never remembered the Brady's starting Zoom. Janice

  11. Sweet little Afghan. I remember when babies came home to soft pastels. What ever happened??

  12. Thank you Jeanie! Yes pastels were in when my children were babes. Janice

  13. Love the afghan, Janice. I think they change names like that just to upset us old grannies. I made a granny square afghan once years ago but I couldn't ever figure out how to put the squares together so I just kept going and made one gigantic granny square. Now I can't remember how the stitches go so guess it was my one and only.. Sure pretty and I bet she loved it..Stay well..xxoJudy

  14. WOW one gigantic granny square. Cannot imagine creating that. Yes changing the name was a bit odd to me, but guess they want to get the younger generation to crochet. Janice


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