Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Autumn Horse Show

How did I get so lucky.
Lucky to have friends like you!

Happy Wednesday to you all!

While the trees are just starting
to turn color,
the animals begin 
to wear their Winter coats.

Especially the horses.

Right now mine are showing off
 their Autumn hides.

Putting on their own show.

Now for those who have been following 
along on my blog journey-
this was my latest horse purchase.
However when I saw the white one below-

I sold the gray one and kept this one.
Even though the other one 
had the straw saddle intact.
This one looks better in my hall. 

Showing off his Autumn look.

I added a light for awhile.

Before pic of the old horse in the hall.

New horse.
Much lighter now.
Ruth purchased my gray one.
Thank you for giving him a great home!

I did get out of my funk....
not in time to create goodes 
for our upcoming shows,
or even the store,
but I am making a few things for me.
These will be a part of my 
2018 Christmas look.
I am getting exciting for the
 N O E L

Are you looking forward to Christmas?

Hope your Wednesday is a magical one.
Off I fly
{to work}

Autumn Horse Show Blessings To All!


  1. Beautiful horses! I cannot believe Christmas is soon here and I am so happy, my favourite time of year!

    1. Thank you Laurie! I have so many ideas running through my mind to decorate this time. Hope I get it all done in time! Stay tuned. Janice

  2. I love your horses, your home is so lovely. I'm looking forward to the holidays I'm just hoping I can get everything done. Wow it comes so fast.

    take care,

    1. Thank you Constance! I am so looking forward to the Holidays as I scheduled a vacation this year between Christmas and New Years. Stay tuned. Already creating things to use in my decor this year. Janice

  3. Lovely horses I am good with fall for now.

  4. Thank you Cathy! I am loving my Autumn decor...what little I put out, but am looking forward to the holiday a few months. Janice

  5. I have alwasys loved horses and this antique rocking horse is such a treasure! Glad to hear that your spirits have lifted too. We all get into “ a funk” when worries pile up. It is good that your creative endeavors help clear your mind and brighten your living space as well. It is hard to believe that NOEL is just around the corner! It seems so weird down here where warm weather is still in place most days.

    1. Well the warm weather left us. Plus this morning it was dangerously foggy driving along the river. Never seen it that bad in the 16 yrs I lived here. Not fun at all. Am looking forward to the NOEL season. Stay tuned! Janice

  6. I love the horses...they are beautiful..

    1. THank Krishna. Hope all is well with you. Wonder if your bath redo is completed now. Hope to see you blogging again. Janice

  7. I love your horses, they are beautiful , may be on my list to watch for. Always enjoy your photos and ideas. Glad you are out of your funk and life is on the upswing I have been trying to make room for my new dry sink cant wait. Have a wonderful weekend

    1. Thank you Sandy! You will need to send me a pic of your dry sink when you finally find it perfect place. Hope you have a great weekend too! Janice

  8. I'm not ready for it to be fall...let alone Christmas!
    I love all your horses. I have but very first antique purchase about 35 years ago. I still love him to this day.

    1. Would like to see your horse. I am fond of them! Hope you have a great weekend! Janice


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