Monday, August 7, 2017

Island Getaway

A big hello to you all!
Monday work and therapy is over.

Today's post is our mini trip to Harsen's Island.
It takes us 5 minutes to get to the ferry.
Where I live there are 14 islands on the US Side.
There are many more on the Canadian side as well.
With all of these islands near us, only one is 
accessible by car ferry. 
The rest you have to have a boat.

Took my mom over to the island for lunch.
Picture taken from my car on the ferry.
It takes about 3 minutes to cross the North channel.

View from the island looking back at the mainland.

If you enlarge the pics... looking in the middle of this pic
is where Dickinson Island ends on the left side 
and the North Channel
meets the South Channel to form the St Clair River,
which is the river I live on.

The South Channel,
also know as the Shipping Channel by some,
is where the freighters come through via Lake St Clair
towards the St Clair River and vice versa.

This channel is much smaller than our big river.
Even smaller than the North Channel.

Can you see the difference in width? 
{picture taken from our dock}

You can even own your own island around here.
{like this one}

This picture was taken looking at Dickinson Island.
If a house is vacant for a year, you can squat it since there
are no property taxes on this island.
However no one lives here in the winter as there are only 
houses on this island.
Rumor has it that our DNR planted rattlesnakes on the 
uninhabited part of the island to deter folks from 
building any more houses.
I myself have only been to this island once,
 so am not sure this story is real...
just a rumor by most of the folks around here.
The one time I was there I did not encounter any snakes.
{thank the lord}

My mom loved going to the island.
I usually take my grands...but they missed out this year.

Do you have a local getaway where you live?

Island Getaway Blessings To All!

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