Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Her Magical Charm

Happy Tuesday to each of you!


Magical Chant

She Conjured Up

A Woody Tall Plant.

Her Magical Charm.

Plus Lots Of Hocus Pocus.

In Her Garden Grew.

This Giant Autumn Crocus.

Another OOAK creation 
which I completed on Sunday evening.
Made from fabric, wool and floss,
with 2 layers of quilt batting in between.
All hand stitched...included the fabric frame.
{not sure if I am going to keep this one or sell it}
Am working on a different color version.
Will decide once the next one is completed.

What should I do?
Decisions Decisions.

Well off to work. 
Will start the other version on my lunch.
What do you have planned today?

Magical Charm Blessings To All!


  1. Fall is in the air our some of our trees have decided to turn early. Love your witch.
    I am off to work also but no projects in hand

  2. Your new witch is so cute!! I do love the colors and how perfect it looks with the bowl of corn and the candlelight.

  3. Beautiful creation... I'm ver much ready for fall..

  4. Love it and I love the cute poem to go along with it.


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