Sunday, June 25, 2017

Little Friend

So great to have you drop by.
I woke up this morning to billowy clouds
dancing in the blue sky.
I may have to take my stitching outside today.

Right now I want to share how I created my little friend.

My sketches....they sometimes get changed a bit.

The leaf ended up being scratched off.
the bow on the dress is now on the right side,
and not a bow.
The nose is a bit different.
No scarf..and I cannot even remember what that 
square was for. LOL

Body pieces drawn on paper... 
whatever I can find at the time.

Hand sewn onto muslin.
Stuffed and coffee stained in orange.

Dress hand sewn and coffee stained.

Ready for her face.

Such a sweet face don't you think?

Taking in the sunshine.

Waiting to be adopted.

At only 13 1/2 inches high.
{which includes the stick}
A cutie for sure.

Have a wonderful Sunday my friends.
Enjoy the day outside if you can.

Little Friend Blessings To All!


  1. She's adorable, Janice! I'm sure she'll get adopted soon! Have a wonderful day. Lori

  2. You are soooo creative! I admire your talent and just love your doll. hugs, Lecia

  3. You are so talented. She is so sweet!

  4. Oh my , she is so cute!! I love her little blue plaid dress too. You are so creative and come up with really fun and unique ideas!


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