Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bedroom Wall

Good evening sweet friends.
So glad to be home. 
I have been going to therapy now for 2 months,
and tonight it kicked me in the butt.
I am so tired, that I did not want to eat dinner,
and instead stopped at our local Dairy Queen
and bought the biggest chocolate milkshake they had.

Took a hot shower when I got home,
and now sitting down a bit relaxed typing this post,
and sipping on my shake.

Between doing the job of two people for a month,
and therapy...I think I am running out of energy.
So looking forward to some fun next week with the grands.

Saturday night we are traveling to my mom's to
enjoy the fireworks in her small town.
Will take her to dinner and then go down to the lake
and wait for the show to begin.

Next Tuesday Bob and I have an appt at the tile shop.
We will be picking out bathroom tile,
for our remodel. 
Finally getting rid of the pepto bismo pink bath.

The gentlemen at the tile shop told me it will
probably take us two hours to pick out the tile we want,
and the design.

All I know is I want to go classic black and white.
Not a prim bath, but will have prim accessories.

The grands will be in Cedar Pointe, OH that day,
and then back with us the remainder of the week.

They like rides, we do not anymore at our age.

So in between my ramblings,
I have featured our bedroom wall.

Changed up for the Summer.
with a bit of patriotic colors.

A past pic of what it looked like for Winter.

Do you have a Summer, Fall or Winter look for your rooms?
I love to change things up!

Well off to watch some tv, and read some other blogs.

Bedroom Wall Blessings To All!


  1. Best of luck picking out your tile, Janice! It is fun!! We finally got rid of our pepto-bismo pink last summer...it only took us 27 years...LOL! Your home looks lovely and so inviting! Have great time this weekend, and I hope you feel better!

  2. Hopefully you will have some down time to recharge your batteries! Grandson and I were planning on Cedar Point tomorrow but he couldn't find a friend to go so we've delayed it. Off to the Great Lakes Science Center instead. So much fun spoiling him :)
    Good luck picking the tile.

  3. Loving those gorgeous quilts! Have a wonderful time with your grands...and picking out tile! Black and white sounds very good!

  4. Hope you feel better soon, Janice. I imagine that must be tiring just doing the therapy. Love your summer decor changes. Hope you can relax this weekend and recharge. Have fun picking out your bathroom tiles. Lori

  5. Your wall in the bedroom looks so nice for Summer. I am glad you are home
    Just resting and taking it easy. Therapy can really be exhausting at times. I have been catching up with your posts and I know you will have fun with your Grands during their week visit! It sounds like you have some fun activities plannned too. Take care and keep getting that needed rest!

  6. Hi Janice,
    Hope that shake did the trick for helping you feel better!!!
    Love your beautiful quilts and your sweet display!! I know you are so excited about your new tile and know it will be a wonderful change after that pink!! Enjoy your family time together....just what the Dr. ordered!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. enjoy the grands and the fireworks. I love a shake for dinner and calling it good.


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