Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Goodies From Holly Show

Happy Sunday to you all!
Please take a moment today to remember
those who were lost on this day
at the World's Trade Center in New York.
I watched our own remembrance 
in our small town this morning.

So do you all know I am a dufuss.
Yes, that is right.
I am a big ole dufuss.
I forgot my camera and therefore have no
wonderful pics to show you.

Especially since I finally got to meet both
Lauren from Rugs and Pugs.
Lauren came from Ohio to vend at the show.
She had some wonderful stuff too!

Then Francine from Primitive Stars
came all the way from Winnipeg, CA
to visit our show.
Little did I know her road trip was going to be 
seeing us all at the show.
What a big surprise that was!

I was so glad I finally got to meet these
fabulous women!
I also hope they both had a safe trip home....
not sure if Francine is even home yet.

Well Bob and I had a great show
and Dawn our host was awesome as ever!!!

I was able to score some wool for another 
project I have up my sleeve,
plus a few other goodies.
Here are a few.

This piece of stone fruit.

A darling green fig.

Last week Bob and I finally had to break down
and purchase another stove.
The old one was over 20 years old.
So we came home with this beauty.

Stainless steel and black.

Bob just had to have one with a griddle.
He does not not sure why he had to have it????
We got it anyway.  :-)
So of  course I had to make it more primitive looking.

I added my noodle board...
but it needed something else.
Good thing I found this at the show.

This handmade wood plate holder from
some wonderful Kentucky dealers.

I also bought this tiny cheese basket.

Back side of the basket.

Added the cheese basket, smaller pie peel in back,
another breadboard to the holder and prim grater
 to complete the look.
I think I did a pretty good job of hiding 
part of the stove anyhow....
what do you think?

Here's hoping everyone had a fantastic Sunday!
It looks to be a nice one here.

Post Holly Show Blessings To All!


  1. Janice,
    So nice to meet you, too. You had wonderful things in your booth! What a surprise to see Francine show up!!!
    Nice goodes. Of course I am partial to the stone fruit.
    Hugs :)

  2. Janice, how wonderful to be able to meet some of your blog friends in person! That is just the best treat ever. I do love how you made your new stove look prim for your kitchen too. It looks like a great new stove and maybe the grill will be good for those grilled cheese sandwich days and pancakes. So happy to hear that your show was a success and that many vendors had the same experience as well.

  3. Janice I missed saying goodbye to you both.
    I love what you did on your stovetop!!!!!
    Always so nice to visit with you two!!!!

  4. I love your stove! And thanks for the tip on drying okra, mine has come out all brown (but I still like it). Tell me about those cute kitties you had.

  5. Found some wonderful treasures to decorate your wonderful new stove.

  6. Found some wonderful treasures to decorate your wonderful new stove.

  7. Morning Janice, finally made it home last night, good to be home... Was so great to meet you at the fantastic show, I'm a big fan of yours, love your decorating. Great stovetop, always enjoy seeing your prim perfect home.Blessings Francine.


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