Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stone Fruit

Happy Tuesday my friends!
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
It was a busy one for us.
Mikayla's 9th birthday party was Saturday,
and every day this weekend and even yesterday
Bob and I have been working on our yard until dark.
Trying to get everything done before his surgery.

So today I decided to write a post about stone fruit.

Stone fruit is not made from stone as you may think.
It is actually made from Italian Carrara marble.
Early pieces began to appear in the Victorian Era.
These will be hand carved and muted with age.
Some are even pitted and may have lost some color.
Fruit was mainly carved, however there are some fine
examples of nuts that were made too!
Most made to size, while others a bit smaller.
Just remember the earlier pieces would have had a wood stem to them....
which most likely have been broken off.
Grapes would be hand wired together to the wood stem individually.
Cherries would also be wired together.

The main reason why it was called stone fruit is that when you
put it up to your cheek it will be cold to the touch.
I personally like to do the weight/ color test.
Heavy and muted.

My pear is a newer version as the stem is not wood.
Newer pieces are also brighter, lighter and air brushed
instead of being hand painted.
I don't mind purchasing the newer Italian made fruit,
however buyer beware as these are now made in China and Mexico.
The fakes as I call them are much bigger, and weigh less
than their Italian counterparts.
My reason for not purchasing online.

See the pitting on the apple to the left.
It is old compared to my pear on the right.

Again pear on the left...no stem old.
Red pear new.

Peach and banana old.

Put together however, they look like they are all the same era.
Remember the red pear on top is not old.
The black compote is from the 18th century.
I love the fruit inside.

Fruit slices such as peaches, watermelon and even plums are rare.
Because of this they can command high prices up to $1500.00 for one.
If I ever get my hands on one though, I would definitely keep it
for my newest collection.

Its been a dreary rainy day today.
Left work early for a dentist appt.
Finishing up 2 crowns...yes I did say two.
Its going to be a take out Chinese dinner tonight...
and no garden work as it is too wet outside.

Hope everyone enjoys their evening!

Stone Fruit Blessings To All!



  1. I never knew that about stone friut. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing the information.
    I am happy it rained a lot today because I did a lot of new planting over the weekend...so today was a get caught up inside day.
    My comments no longer come through g-mail and don't know why?
    I sent you an e-mail this morning. A message was from Bob with an attachment. Did not open and deleted it. Did not look right so did not take the chance.
    Hope chinese was good.....yum...love chinese food.

  2. Janice,
    Stone fruit is one of my favorite collections. I have 4 or 5 bowls of it and also some miniature stone fruit. Mine is not the really early stuff, but I'm guessing maybe from the 40's. Thanks for sharing yours.
    Hugs :)

  3. Janice, thanks so much for the info on stone fruit. I have a bunch of green grapes that I snatched up at an estate sale for $2 because no one knew what they were. I have been searching for more but like you I don't want to buy it unless I can see/touch it myself. Now I will know more about it thanks to you. Have a great week.

  4. Morning Janice, loved reading about the stone fruit, my father kept a bowl of them on the table, wish I would have them now....... Blessings Francine.

  5. My mom used to have stone fruit that they had gotten in their travels. I wish I had them. You make me want to go collect them but I will try to keep myself in check and not start another collection. Great information - thanks for sharing.


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