Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Good evening sweet friends.
I did some major Spring cleaning
over the weekend.

Moved everything...
I should say Bob moved the heavy stuff.
Surgery is finally in a few weeks,
so I needed to get this done now.

Our chairs were moved away from the window.
My Ott lamp that Bob got me for Christmas one year.

This is the only area I left unchanged.

Bob and I moved the blue jelly cabinet here in the corner
and placed the red table back in its place.

Moved the jelly cabinet behind one of the chairs near our fireplace.

Love seat moved to the window.
Oops...looks like I left this blue corner cabinet in the same spot too. :-)
Also just realized we left the tv in the same spot too.

Close up of our Windsor chair.

View of our living room from the hall.

Trenchers on top of the jelly cabinet.
Added another smaller bowl with some faux artichokes.
Then tucked in my sweet spring tulip quilted pillow.

Do you move everything in your home when
Spring cleaning?

Spring Cleaning Blessings To All!


  1. I don't move anything :( It's been the same for many years. With all my windows, there's not too much I could do.
    Everything of yours looks great! Love the Windsor and your trenchers.
    Hugs :)

  2. Love your house, you were really busy!!!

  3. Isn't that a great feeling! Your home is so cozy Janice.
    Lots of great window light too. Love how you decorate.

  4. Everything looks wonderful, Janice! Love how you put things together. It's a great feeling to get the cleaning done, isn't it? I just have a little left to do in the basement. But I have to get out and get the decks stained before it gets too hot so that's next on my list. Hugs, Lori

  5. It's so much fun to play with our house, isn't it? I haven't been in the mood to do that in a long tim...but your pictures give me inspiration!!! You have beautiful primitive, Janice! Have a great evening!

  6. Morning, like ve your cozy prim home Janice, whatever you do in it. Blessings Francine.

  7. I move things to clean but usually move everything back to the same place it was. Your home is lovely!

  8. Just catching up on my blog reading and saw your post about your husband's diagnosis. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We went through and are still going through the same thing - since August 2014. It is a roller coaster ride but be strong. Best wishes.

    Love your home and all your primitives.



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