Thursday, March 24, 2016

March CupboardScape

Good evening sweet friends.
Thank you all for the sweet comments you left from my last post.
I so enjoy your visits.

This month's CupboardScape is all about the bunny.
The Easter Bunny.

Having grandparents who both owned dairy farms,
our holidays were always spent there.
I have fond memories of each farmhouse.

My dad always had the holidays off from work,
and my mom had an important job as a 
stay at home mom.

During the week at gramma B's
she would make mini donuts.
Made from scratch and fried in oil to a golden brown.
My sister and I loved the job we had.
With paper bags in hand...
full of cinnamon and sugar, and just sugar,
and then another bag full of powdered sugar.
Gramma would fry those mini dounts in batches...
and our job was to shake them in our bags.
We loved it!
We also loved to eat them warm with our fresh milk.

Then on the day before Easter
we would head over to gramma H's farmhouse.
It was about a 20 minute ride depending
on the weather and the dirt roads.
At gramm H's we always dyed our Easter eggs.
Pre Paas dye days, (try to say that 3 times) :-)
gramma used grape juice, raspberries, green apple peels,
chili powder and coffee.
We always did one color at a time.
Gramma would boil each item and then add vinegar.
She would then arm my sister and I with a dye mixture
poured into a small glass.
We used a tablespoon to dip our eggs...
let them sit a bit..take them out to look at the color...
dip back in..and repeat until we had our perfect color.
Once we had all of the colors complete,
then gramma would let us take
 half of the eggs
and create our own colors.

Simple times and simple fun!
Did you have any Easter traditions in your family?

The bunnies in my suitcase are 1940's paper mache ones.
The basket on the left is a funeral basket
in which I placed some faux irises into.

Easter Bunny Blessings To All!


  1. Great post Janice!! And I adore your old papier mache rabbits.... I have a few of those, but my passion is the old German candy container ones.... I have a little "herd," but EEEK they are expensive.... We had several Easter traditions....I guess my favorite is the making of "Resurrection Rolls" on Easter Eve (a marshmallow is placed inside the dough and when baked, it leaves an empty hole, like the tomb)..... Still digging out here in Nod...Wishing you a joyful and blessed Easter.... Smiles & Spring Hugs ~ Robin

  2. I love your paper mache rabbits! They are so sweet! I love hearing about your Easter traditions. Ours wasn't as fun as yours, but we did color Easter eggs the day before Easter and on Good Friday, we had to stay in the house from 12 to 3 you remember having to do that? Some of the stores would even close for those three, precious hours...but, as time has gone by...those traditions have passed. Have a Happy Easter, Janice!!!

  3. Oh the warm donuts, I could eat one now. We made them as children on occasion as well. Your post bought back memories but we were post Paas LoL...Have a wonderful weekend!~♥Amy

  4. What sweet memories.
    Love all the bunnies, so sweetly displayed in the old suitcase.
    Happy Easter,

  5. Afternoon Janice, oh yummy, warm donuts!! I adore the sweet old bunnies in the suitcase, wonderful Spring Cupboardscape. Easter Blessings Francine.

  6. I enjoyed sharing your childhood memories, they sound like special ones - the ones you just can't replace. Those donuts sound absolutely delicious. Have a blessed Easter!

  7. I enjoyed sharing your childhood memories, they sound like special ones - the ones you just can't replace. Those donuts sound absolutely delicious. Have a blessed Easter!

  8. Love you pictures Janice. Very cozy. Happy Easter to you and Bob.

  9. Such cute decor Janice. Our Easter traditions always included the kids hunting eggs and eating candy. Now, the granddaughter does that as well. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

  10. What a great trip down memory lane, Janice! Your bunny display is fab!

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